Under My Umbrella

It's a rainy, dreary Thursday here in NWA, but I'm in such a good mood in anticipation of the weekend, I don't even care : ) I've been counting the days this week until Friday for my "Girls' Night Out", which promises to be SO much fun! Only one more day...

As always, Thursdays are Project Runway/Wine night at Casa de Leslie. My friend Dee and I are hitting the gym first, then settling in for an all new episode of PR. Bring on the glue guns and grommets!

The icky weather kind of makes me want to curl up with a good book...

...or have breakfast in bed...

But instead, I think I'll just blog about awesome rain gear, haha.

First, you gotta have an umbrella-ella-ella, (sorry, I just had to.) How about this cutie patootie from Marc Jacobs?
...or this black and white polka dot one?

My fave has to be the brown and white wave-patterned umbrella below, though.

I love these Houndstooth print and bright yellow Wellies from Target. And for less than $30 a pair, you can afford to buy both.

Or this pair from Nordstrom...
I love the sleek look of these Equestrian style rain boots from Urban Outfitters and this tan trench coat by Tory Burch. With pieces like these, there's no reason not to look stunning even on the rainiest of days.

Need a watch that will stand up to torrential downpours? Juicy Couture has you covered. Check out this lemon yellow timepiece which is both adorable AND waterproof.

Keep your hair covered stylishly with one of these hats from Urban Outfitters. My two personal favorites: the cabby (featured on the left) and the fedora (on the right.)

For a more upscale water-resistant look, try these rainboots by Burberry. Note: I posted these because they are cute, but oh-em-gee are they expensive. These puppies will set you back $195! Yikes!!

So in conclusion, it is possible to look totally fashionable on bad weather days. Though, I don't know about you, but I'd rather be INSIDE than out on during icky rain : )

Be blessed, lovelies-




  1. I found these adorable white and grey Nine West rain boots that are to die for! Even my bf likes them! lol

  2. I love that polka dot umbrella! Great post doll ;)xoxo

  3. Oh those Burberry boots are surely divine! I am loving the yellow Juicy watch too. Stay warm & dry lovely girl!

  4. I have a pair of equestrian style boots that I found at Target last fall. Love them! I need a cute new umberella though. After the rainy year we've had mine is pretty worn out!

  5. I love the leopard print rain boots! I need to find myself a pair ASAP.


  6. I've been looking for a pair of yellow rain boots for ages! I'm gonna have to order a pair asap. P.S. Love the blog--and I'm a (soon to be) former English major too!

  7. Love all the rain gear! I got some cute rainboots from Banana for Christmas this year!

    Good for you for working out even when it is raining outside!

    Have fun at Girls Night!!

  8. love the umbrellas and the cute rain boots!!! Have fun on your girls night!

  9. I love the umbrellas & that juicy watch. I got a pair of zebra print rainboots last year from target & I loveee them! Wish I could afford those gorgeous burberry ones!! Have a good weekend/girls night!!

  10. I have a black and white umbrella from Target that I absolutely adore! I do need to get some rainboots though-maybe sometime soon :)

  11. Is it just me, or does rain gear always look cuter when you are not in it trying not to get soaked?

  12. you can't help but feeling antsy about the rain and wanting to gear up for it. i know i did when i was caught in the rain sometime ago. you can read about it here and see my collection of my must haves...


    i like those umbrellas, especially marc's and the nordstrom rain boots. i am wanting a fedora too.


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