High Tea

Hello and welcome back from the weekend! Did ya'll enjoy your past couple of days off?

It snowed about 6-8 inches here on Saturday and again yesterday, so needless to say, it was a frigid weekend in Northwest Arkansas. Guess the coats, scarfs and gloves will have to stay out a while more, sigh...

The freezing temps and blizzard-like conditions just couldn't keep me away from the movie theater yesterday though. I finally saw Alice in Wonderland and I loved it! Perfectly whimsical and signature Tim Burton, I drank up every moment of it like a glass of sweet tea.

Which inspired me to post these fabulous tea party-related pics, today.

(From the 2003 Annie L. shoot for Vogue Magazine which featured famous designers as characters from Alice in Wonderland.)

How fun would it be to grab some of your closest girlfriends and have a tea party this spring?

You'd need a pretty tablescape...

...and some cookies, or better yet, some pastel-colored macaroons.

Some beautiful flowers could work as a centerpiece...

...maybe some like these!

You could invite Kate Moss and two random guys with mohawks...

...or just your best girl friend.

And don't forget to wear these heels, inspired by Alice and Wonderland. No proper tea party is complete without some great foot attire.

Have you ever thrown a tea party? Who would you invite? (Note: Celebrities and non-famous people can be included)

Be blessed, lovelies-



Photo credits- TwentyThirtyForty, Design Is Mine, Coco Amerdeil, moodboard, Krisa Tomic, Vogue Magazine


  1. so cute! I would invite my grandmother, mother and aunties!~ love to have fun with them.

  2. cute pics! I loved Alice in Wonderland too! I used to have tea parties all of the time when I was a kid.. how come we don't do that anymore?! I want to have tea with Jude Law and Ewan McGregor... because it's my party and I can invite who I want to. ; ) haha

  3. Ok, how did you know that I actually went to a tea party this weekend?? One of my best friends is getting married in May and her bridal shower this weekend was tea party themed!! It was fabulous!

  4. Ooo fun! My husband is taking me for high tea on Thursday and two of my friends are taking me for tea on Friday! Yay!
    I was just looking at my china and thinking I should have a tea party this summer :O)

  5. hola leslie:

    glad you went out to see AIW in spite of the cold weather. i have yet to see it myself. these photos make me wanna have a tea party myself.

    have a lovely day girlie

  6. I had tea parties when I was a little girl - so much fun! Glad you had a nice, yet snowy weekend.

  7. Hi Leslie - I'm new to your blog. I'm having a tea party for my birthday next month. If you're ever in Chicago you should plan for High Tea at the Four Seasons! It's so much fun and not that expensive. :-)

  8. I left you an award at my place :) Happy Monday!

  9. i'm still in shock with the freak snowstorm. we were in tulsa visiting fam and they got 10 inches! craziness. i would invite anna wintour and angelina jolie...enough said. i LOVED alice in wonderful...weren't alice's dresses so beautiful?!?

  10. How fun! I love high tea. All of the little yummy sandwiches and tea cookies, and spending time with your favorite ladies! We do high tea at the Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans every year before Christmas, and it is something we look forward to every year!

    I have not seen Alice in Wonderland yet, but I can't wait! Have a great week sweetie!

  11. I love the idea of high tea! I wish we did it here in the States like they do in England!


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