Vintage in the Kitchen

Hello and happy Tuesday (afternoon!) I'm getting a bit of a late start on blogging this morning, so please excuse my tardiness.

Well, a few things before we get to all the vintage goodness in today's post:

-I finally got my hair "did" last night after an 8 week long highlighting hiatus. My hair was looking root-tastic, but now...ahhhh....roots are gone and I'm feeling like a new woman. My hair is naturally a dark blonde/reddish color, (one more thing you probably didn't know about me, I'm a ginger kid!), so this time we did more of a strawberry blonde. I LURVE it!

-Ok, official review of The September Issue and The Box. The September Issue was downright intriguing. It was a little strange to hear actual words come out of the mouth of Anna Wintour, infamous Editor in Chief of Vogue Magazine. It was also flippin nuts to see how much work it takes to put out the annual September issue, which is the magazine's biggest edition of the year.

Is she as mean as they say she is? Wellllll.....it's hard to say. She's not the warmest kitten of the bunch, that's for sure. But she has definitely revolutionized the magazine industry and paved the way for female writers/editors everywhere, and for that, we ladies should be grateful.

In summary, rent it.

Now, The Box on the other hand...this one's a different story. If you saw the old Twilight Zone episode of which this movie was based, you probably had high hopes. This was as much a departure from the original as I've ever seen.

Frank Langella did an outstanding job of playing the creep-tastic Mr. Steward the "box-bearer", but the rest of actors, (sorry Cameron Diaz) were cheesy and boring.

I'd tell you how it ended, but I turned it off three-quarters of the way through it. It was that bad.

In summary, skip it.

-Tonight is gym night, which means I'll be sweating profusely and hating my life at about, oh, 6:00 this evening, so please say a little prayer and send positive thoughts my way that I survive my workout session : )

Now on to today's topic...vintage stuff for your kitchen.

Along with my love of retro furniture, Mad Men, and 50's and 60's era hair, I love vintage kitchen decor. I guess I have some subconsious urge to be domestic, haha. If I had the items below, it's quite possible I would cook more often. I said possible, not probable, hehe.

Exhibit A- These fantastic little half-aprons from Anthropologie.

At first when I saw these on Anthro's site, I thought they were skirts. But with a closer look and, um, reading the title at the top of the page, I discovered they were aprons. Cute ones at that. I'll take both, please.

Exhibit B- These full-length aprons are adorable, don't you think?

Exhibit C- It's called the "Flora Stockholm Potholder Set" and it comes from Anthro. Just so happens it would match perfectly with my kitchen...hmmmm....

Exhibit D- What's not to love about clever dishtowels? Plus, I could always use a reminder to do the dishes...or a least a gentle push : )

Exhibit E- Cookbooks! I buy cookbooks all the time. Not because I actually cook out of them, but because they make fantastic decorations for my kitchen. Yeah, it's like that...

Exhibit F- A cute butter dish that looks like a girl with a skirt AND a robin's egg blue egg crate. Both from Anthro, of course.

Exhibit G- A cocktail book, so you can impress your friends with your drink-making skillz...and heart shaped bamboo spoon from Urban Outfitters, so you can, um, show your "love" for cooking.

Get it? Show your "love"...cuz it's heart-shaped....ok, yeah, not that funny. Moving on...

Finally, Exhibit H- Alice in Wonderland glass tumblers. Me-thinks this would make a great collector's item for any Lewis Carroll enthusiast.

Wonderful vintage-ness, don't you agree?

Now go and enjoy your Tuesday. As my grandad would say, "Do something constructive."

Be blessed, lovelies-




  1. Oh what a wonderful post! I am in love with the aprons from Anthro! I was in there this past weekend and saw those half aprons and thought they were skirts too! I found some adorable dish towels and measureing cups :)

  2. I have that cream & black apron from anthro (with the flower) and it is my FAVORITE! I almost don't want to wear it when I cook because I don't want to get it dirty!

  3. I love that plate with the girl. So cute! I love decorating with cookbooks too! And I want to see The September Issue. Thanks for the review.

  4. I soo want to see the September issue...Anna Wintour reminds of a boss I had once...chilling really! Great dish towels "do the dishes" I need one like that to kick my rear into gear!

  5. I love all of this! We are FINALLY getting an Anthro here in Memphis on Friday! I can't wait! I have been driving by to see what kind of progress they've been making :) ha!

    Have a great day girl!

  6. My entire kitchen is done in retro 50's I am debating on whether or not I am jumping on board the apron bandwagon. One day I want one sooo bad, the next I think I will never use them.

  7. Haha, I rented The Box too! It was HORRIBLE! I was just disturbed and weirded out by it. Anthro has the most adorable aprons, don't they? I bought one last month for a friend.

  8. those aprons are so adorable and i'm always in the market for a new cookbook!

  9. I am loving all of the vintage-ness and especially the aprons and the Alice glasses! So cute!

  10. aww, i am loving this post, cause i love to cook and these are all great picks. need to get me some of these.

    have an awesome day girlie.

  11. those aprons are fabulous! i want all of them! I love your blog!

  12. I love when my hair if freshly highlighted! :)

    I so want to rent "The September Issue" and I have also heard from other people that "The Box" was awful...

    Love Anthro aprons and decor!!

  13. love the cute pics! Never heard of "September issue" but it sounds interesting. My hubby saw "The box" and said it was horrible!

  14. Two things: First, I also hated The Box. I was so pumped to see it, and then, I wanted to throw tomatoes at the TV. Too bad it was my roommate's new flat screen, so I had to restrain myself. Second, I LOVE Anthro aprons. I look at them every time I give that good ol' store a little visit. My mom likes to make things like that too. Which I also love (and benefit from). I apparently don't have those skills. Right now, I am rocking a navy blue apron with apple pies on it. It is vintage looking, and I love it. Actually makes me want to cook :)

    Have a great week!

  15. love love love it! especially the butter dish!

  16. Loving those aprons! I gave you a little shout out on my blog today btw! :) I ADORE your bloggidy and even thought I've been WAY busy, yours is one of the first I pop over to when I get a chance.. just so you know! XOXO!

  17. Oh my gosh I'm totally in love with that black and white half apron-like head over heels! If I only I could justify buying it...I have a cute pink apron that I've worn like once in 3 years-gah, they're just darn cute!

  18. anthro has THE cutest home stuff! hubby got me their cupcake apron for my 2 year bloggerversary and i love it! i need that heart spoon in my life!


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