Three cheers for Thursday...it's my favorite day of the week, ya'll! Did everyone have a lovely St. Pat's Day? Mine was pretty uneventful, just a trip to the Promenade, (our local outdoor mall) to pick up a painting for my casa, followed by Shear Genius, followed by catching up on some of your blogs and a few rounds of Words With Friends in-between (that app is like Scrabble crack...so addictive!)

Well, our "little blog that could" reached a whopping 400 followers last night! I was so excited that I posted it as my status update on Facebook last night, haha. Such a nerd, such a nerd...

Tonight is, of course, Project Runway night with Miss D at my place. We'll probably hit the gym first, that way we don't feel fat when we look at all those stick thin models on the runway, haha.

Can't wait to see what the fab-o-lish-ous designers have in store for us this evening.

Since yesterday was St. Patrick's Day, I canceled Trend Watch Wednesday. So consider today your belated TWW, k?

Topic of the day: Headgear

Nope, not that horrible orthodontic contraption you wear to straighten your teeth, (which, by the way, I never had to wear, but it looked painfully uncomfortable)...I'm talking about hats, headbands, hair clips, etc.

First up, please welcome the Straw Boater Hat from Urban Outfitters, ($24) Try pairing it with a cute sundress and some wedge heels this summer for a modern, yet comfortable look.

Next we have the lovely Chambray Fedora (left) and Pointelle Eco Cotton Beret (right), also both from UO, (and also both $24) I'd wear the fedora with a vintage tee, like the model in the photo and some skinny jeans. The beret would go with just about anything.

Time for some headbands. Say hello to the Black Iris Headband ($16) and the With a Twist Headband ($11) from Lulu's. So pretty and feminine, I tell you.

And more headbands...

Blair's Flair Headband in Cream ($24) and the How Sweet It Is Headband ($12), again, from Lulu's.

I would never have the nerve to wear a huge flippin hairbow like the one below, but it's adorable on the model, especially with that top-knot/bun hair style! (Sugar Cookie Bow in Pink from Lulu's, $32)

So there you have it. Headgear for your...um, well...head.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever you might be doing today, make this day a good one. Smile, dance, take a couple of minutes to do what makes you smile.

Be blessed, lovelies-




  1. I love hats!! I wish all the time that they would make a massive comeback!!

  2. Adorable! I love hats but unfortunately I cannot pull them off to save my soul. Every time I even attempt my hubby laughs at me.

  3. It's like you read my mind! I love so many of these - thank you for more headgear inspiration! I'm so in love with the hats that are out right now but not sure if I can pull them off :)

  4. i love the headbands with flowers--too bad they look ridiculous on me. a fedora however, looks fab (if i do say so myself)!

  5. oooh I LOVE the hot pink bow!! So pretty!


  6. You said headgear, I thought night headgear with braces - definitely NOT fabulous.

  7. Maybe I should start making adult hair accessories, instead of children's??? Love the headbands though!!! Oh, and we're coming to Arkansas this weekend- can't wait!

  8. Hi!!

    How nice to read what you've been doing!

    ANd and and, how was the show on television? And the working out?
    I've always tried to work out in a gym but somehow I find myself staring at the tv more than actually running :D

    I really like the first picture of the headband!!

    If you have the time, would you please check out my new banner on my blog?

    And my new post :)

    Thanks a lot!!

    mmmm I am really in the mood for some vanilla latte... :D



    X L

  9. Yay for 400 followers and I love all of the headbands, they are all gorgeous! The bow is a bit big though, but fun!

  10. Holy cow!! 400 followers?!?!? Congrats! No surprise though... you are quite awesome :)

    Love these pics... I want to start wearing more headbands.

  11. I adore summer hats. I picked up a cute fedora from Banana Republic a few weeks ago, and I've been wearing it all the time since I've been traveling.

    enjoy your weekend :)

  12. please headgear me ..
    U have the most lovely photos on r blog (;



  13. ooh, i am so loving the image up top, the look and fedora are so sweet, love it!

    your "green day" sounds like it was sweet too, a new painting?! how nice. i wonder what of. maybe you'll share later. my hubs and i went out for a private screening of YOU AGAIN with Kristen Bell, cute and funny, i recommend when it's released.

    so what you think of Shear Genius? i thought the girl should've gone home, i'm sorry i can't remember her name and i can't believe i missed PR again, gonna have to check for re-broadcast.

    CONGRATS girlie on your 400...now 404!!!

    love your ideas for headgear...the fedora, flower accents and headbands.


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