Cravings Corner: {Braids, Road Trips and Other Stuff}

What is it about this time of the year that is so darn inspiring? The photos that I've been seeing in the mags and online lately are just plain gorgeous. I mean, beautiful photos are the driving force behind this blog and the inspiration behind a little weekly column called "Cravings Corner". Ya'll remember when I did that for a while, right?

Yeah, I'd pretty much forgotten about Cravings Corner until I was trolling the web looking for photos last weekend and I suddenly remembered, "Oh yeah...Cravings Corner. Hmmmm, haven't done that in a while...."

So, please give a warm welcome, (once again), to CC. Maybe it will stick around for awhile this spring : )

This week, I'm craving:

1. A road trip

Windows down, full tank of gas, ice cold Coca-Cola Classic in my cupholder, some great music blaring from my speakers and my girlfriends gabbing away in the backseat. Sign me up, I'm ready to go...somewhere!

2. Braids

Yeah, random, right? I know. But I'm seeing the messy braids everywhere at the moment and I really, really want to try this look out on myself.

3. Missoni Scarves

Have you guys SEEN the newest Missoni scarves for spring? Oh my dear. They are wonderful. Please go here and look, if you haven't already. The colors, the interweaving of thread....it's almost too much to handle.

4. Platforms

No, I'm not an exotic dancer, (though I do own a copy of the Carmen Electra work-out dvd, HA!), but I am a sucker for a pair of ridiculously tall shoes.

As you can see above, Nicholas Kirkwood and Louis Vuitton are doing the platform proud this spring.

5. Picnic

I love to eat outside, preferably sitting on a blanket atop soft grass. In Arkansas, we have about a 5 week window between the middle of April/beginning of June in which to do this comfortably, as picnics are NO fun in 1,000 degree heat and humidity.

My fave picnic foods: PB and J, Baked Lays chips, fresh fruit (mmmmm...pinneapple) and sweet tea. Yum.

6. Pink hair

Ok, I would probably never try this, even with temporary color, (I hear it's almost impossible to get out of blonde hair.) But I LOVE this look.

Please, someone out there dye your hair like this so that I can live vicariously through you, haha : )

What are you craving this week? Do tell!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Lovely post doll. I love road trips! xoxo

  2. love this post!


    pink, even temporary, hair color is ridiculous hard to get out of blonde hair! while your hair must be blonde for the pink to be vibrant, be prepared to re-lighten your hair in order to get all of the pink out. this could mean damage so use caution!


  3. I am so with you on the braid thing! I'm so desperate for braids, I've thought about having someone teach my husband to braid to he can help me lol. Great post!

  4. I want a road trip, but what I'm really craving is a trip to Hawaii! Be sure to check out my giveaway that ends Friday! Kori xoxo

  5. today is a PERFECT picnic day... i would love to be basking in the sun eating chicken salad sandwiches flying a kite--oh wait, i'm stuck in the office =(

  6. I was just thinking about a picnic for Shakespeare in the Park!

    I have often put a tuft of pink in my very blonde hair and never had to do anything but wash it every day for it to fade out. I guess it depends on the product!

  7. love love LOVE all these things, especially the platforms and braids. i might just have to try the messy braids myself!!!

  8. i've said it before but, i just love your blog!

    your description of a road trip sounds so perfect right now--reminded me of college. i miss my girlfriends!

  9. Leslie, you are so sweet and funny with your inside jokes, I chuckled a bit reading this post, which I love. I love road trips myself and these braids are so sweet, I hope you do go with them and show us photos later. the stilletos are rockin', i especially like the pink ones. love picnics too, although we (hubby n' I) don't have them much, but hopefully this spring and/or summer we can change that.

    Have an AWESOME day girlie. ^-^

  10. I love Missoni scarves...so many great colours! ( I'm in love with scarves period!)
    Braids are super hot right now, though I fear I'd look about 6 years old since my braiding skills never went beyond my My Little Pony...

  11. I think I'm craving braids and picnics too! I'm in Oklahoma so yeah, it definitely gets waaay too hot to have one in the summer! Maybe I'll try and have a few this spring :)

  12. Oh my gosh, that pink and blonde hair is amazing. I love the messy braids too, I can't wait to have long hair again so I can try them out!

    Cute blog!


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