Trend Watch Wednesday: Reporting for Duty

Happy Trend Watch Wednesday, girls and guys! The sun is shining in Northwest Arkansas today and we are being told, (fingers crossed), that it might hit 58 degrees this weekend. That's almost 60, which seems like 90 compared to recent temps.

Bring on the T-shirts and flip flops, please!

So, as always, something random before we get started:

I finally worked up the nerve to watch Paranormal Activity last night after, (I kid you not), months of debating. I'm the biggest weenie when it comes to scary movies, even though I love them and the adrenaline rush they provide. I admit, I'm a little afraid of the dark and already have problems sleeping steadily through the night, so I wasn't sure this would be the best choice of film for little Miss Leslie.

In the words of my friend Lisa, "I wanted to be able to sleep again before next Christmas."

One of my guy friends who'd already seen it and promised it wasn't "that bad" brought over the DVD last night. I turned on every light in the house, made sure my door was locked and prepared to be petrified.

And was I petrified? Ehhhhh...not so much.

I gotta say, even though it was definitely creepy, I slept like a baby last night. I think it would have been much scarier in a darkened movie theater with better sound quality than my TV. The only part that really "got" me, was when the chick's face morphs during the final shot. Now that, my friends, was disturbing.

But yeah, it wasn't quite the life-changing horror movie experience I was expecting. Still a great movie though and the actor's do an amazing job building tension and telling a believable, well-crafted story. So even if you're a big wimp like me, you can still watch this and sleep soundly.

Now for TWW. Let's talk about military-inspired trends.

I recently (recently as in, like today), signed up for Vogue's Gilt Groupe, which is a terrific shopping website sponsored by the mag. Just what I need, more shopping inspiration, haha!

The military look seems to drift in and out from season to season, but I've always LURVED this style, so I'm glad it's making a comeback. The key this spring is to pair the structured military pieces with softer more feminine pieces to balance the outfit.

What do you think? Kind of like G.I. Jane meets Ralph Lauren, huh?

Photo credits: Vogue Gilt Groupe


  1. I didn't think Paranormal Activity was scary at all either, but I agree that her face scared me at the end!! Khaki is huge for spring this year, I know the safari look kinda faded in years past but the khaki is so versatile! I'll be interested to see what Banana Republic and Gap have to offer pretty soon!

  2. Love those jackets. Totally would/may buy one.

  3. Oh love it all! And I am such a scardey-cat when it comes to scary movies too! The dark still scares me and I just can never seem to get the movies out of my head after I watch them! Hope you are having a great day gorgeous! xoxo

  4. I LOVE scary movies!!! But all of the hype for that movie, the movie didn't live up to it, BUT parts of it were scary. Crazy crazy.

    P.S. LOVE those clothes! I have this awesome army hat I love and need to get soem fun heels liek the ones you have pictured here:-)

  5. I like the girl in yellow shirt and green/blue pants.

    Your blog is awesome with photos of lots of girls in fashionable clothes. Where are all the guy readers?

    Needless to say, I love your blog :) It is so colorful :)

  6. I love those bomber sunglasses!! So fun. I'm ready for sunshine and summertime.

  7. Love those jackets! you can never have too many of them!

  8. Great looks this season, I like the contrast of the jackets with the spring colors!

  9. fab gilt group photos! I am way into that trend!

  10. I'm glad I'm not alone - Paranormal Activity barely gave me the willies when I watched it. :(

  11. I am SO into olive right now! Lovin' the trend!

  12. ALSO you have a lil something awaiting you on my last post!

  13. If onyl I looked that cute in a trench coat. Might have to try the look out but somehow I think they will pull it off better!XOXO


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