Gameday Style: {Football Fever}

Swiftly Moving Days Dress and Red-y and Rarin' to Go Dress, both from ModCloth

Woooooooooooo Pig Sooie! Gracious y'all, I am SO ready to hear that blessed Hog call! Fall and college football could not come fast enough!

So it probably goes without saying that today's post is dedicated to all my girls in the South; my SEC conference sistahs (and my Texas girls, too!)

You see, down here below the Mason Dixon, we do gameday style a little differently than the rest of the country. (Fellow southerners, I'll need y'all to chime in here.) We firmly believe in dressing up for games and I personally love that tradition!

One of my cousins from up north was so perplexed when she came down for a visit a few years ago. She wondered why all the girls were wearing so much make-up, sporting heels and rocking hair poofs at a college football game, haha! I told her I couldn't explain it, that's just how it's been for years around these parts. Yes, it's probably a tad ridiculous, but we wouldn't have it any other way around here : )


Oh yeah, sidenote before we go any further, I had my bridal pics done yesterday and LOVED the few that the photog let me preview at the session site. I ended up going with "up" hair for the photos yesterday, simply because it had been raining all morning and the humidity was killer! I'm still wearing it down for the ceremony, but I ended up LOVING what my stylist did yesterday!! Here's a sneak peek!


Anywho, back to football. So because I believe that gamedays are the perfect opportunity to show off one's style, I've scoured a few websites in search of some cute dresses for gamedays for my southern sistahs! Enjoy : )

For my Razorback girls, I chose both of these pretties in red!

Judith March Red Versatile Keyhole Dress and Casual Kate Wrap Front Knit Dress from Blue Door Boutique

Auburn beauties, holla! I've got the perfect dresses just for y'all!

Cecile Dress and Judith March Indonesian Wallpaper Cowl Neck Dress

Georgia peaches will look smashing in these frocks!

Jaded Beauty Dress UGA and Wendy Gameday Dress

Tennessee orange has never looked so good! Check out these numbers, both from McCauley's!

Judith March Orange Keyhole Versatile Dress and Envi Orange & White Strapless Sweetheart dress, both from McCauley's

Hotty Toddy! Emphasis on the 'hottie' part - these dresses are scorching!

 Judith March dress (link not found, but similar style here) and Get Fluffed Up Navy 3D Dress from Blue Door Boutique

Even though they're not in the SEC, we can't talk college football without including Texas! Texas ladies will be lurvely in these two orange numbers!

Caroline Romper and the Kara Dress, both from Tru Colors Apparel

Kentucky cuties, holla! Blue and white? Yes, please!

Front Romance Dress and Favorite View Dress, both from ModCloth

Roll Tide, Roll! Crimson and houndstooth is such an amazing combo, isn't it?!

Amanda Dress and Dray Top, both from Tru Colors Apparel

Gator girls would look beautiful in either of these bright blue numbers!

Blue One Shoulder dress (no link available : ( and Blue Silk Fly Away Dress, both from Blue Door Boutique

I'm a big fan of SC and an even bigger fan of the styles below!

Judith March Black Polka Dot Strapless Dress w/ Red Embroidered Flower and Judith March Black Keyhole Dress

Geaux Tigers! Love some purple and gold!

Catie Dress and Ashley Dress, both from Tru Colors Apparel

Vandy vixens will sizzle in these two dresses from Dress Therapy!

Joy Joy 1980 dress and Judith March 369D2 dress

Mississippi State mavens will shine this season in gorgeous numbers in burgundy and white!

Judith March 435D8 dress and Ruby Rox Belted dress

Who will you be rooting for this fall? Are you an SEC girl or maybe another conference? Who's your favorite team?!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. What a cute post!!! I LOVE all these outfits!

  2. Your hair and makeup looks so pretty! I'm sure you had a blast taking your Bridals.
    I'm an Ole Miss girl! Loving the dresses you picked! And I'm even loving the Arkansas and FL picks too.. any shade of red and blue will do! Counting down to game day.. so close!

  3. You look beautiful! Hope you had fun doing your pics!

    Thanks for the Gator dresses!! Love 'em!

  4. You look so lovely in your bridal pics! I'm sure they must have all turned out amazing!

    I am totally with you when it comes to college football. It's game time, let's go!

    I'm a Gator fan that just moved to South Carolina. So I think this year I'll be saying Go Gators and Go Gamecocks (except when they play each other of course :)

  5. This was crazy to me when I went to my first SEC game. In high school and college (I went to a small private school) football games were T-shirts and jeans...but my first Razorback game, everyone was dolled up! I LOVED it! I think it makes game day so much more fun to see all the fashion!

    That fall (of my first SEC game) I bought some adorable red suede boots so I could rock me some Razorback red fashion at games!

  6. What about Kentucky???????

  7. I live in Ohio, and nobody gets dressed up for college football games. I wish we did though - it sounds like fun!

  8. I went to Florida State so I'm a huge Seminole fan! My husband and I have season tickets so I have quite an extensive collection of garnet dresses :)

  9. I'm a South Carolina girl and just picked up my collegiate Jack Rogers yesterday (in garnet and black of course) Football season can't come soon enough!

  10. I love the Texas outfits. GO TEXAS!

  11. you're hair and make up are gorgeous! Can't wait to see you're pictures!

    GO TIGERS!! (Clemson, Sc)
    I will definitely be sporting some lovely purple and orange dresses this season!

  12. I was so excited to see dresses from the Blue Door Boutique! I love that store...near my hometown :)

  13. Your hair and makeup looks stunning! I am sure the pictures are just beautiful!!

    I'll be sporting lots of Blue and White this season.... even though we all know Kentucky doesn't exactly have the best football team- ha! We're more basketball oriented :)

    Can't wait to see all the wedding posts- it's just right around the corner!

  14. I am so excited to eventually see wedding pictures. I know they will be GORGEOUS!

    It's so funny that you all dress up for football. I'm from WI and, while I don't get into college football, I'm a hard core NFL fan (Go Pack Go!). Our football attire is jeans, a jersey, and probably some crazy face paint and beads, light up necklaces, headbands, etc.

    Here's a post I did about being a die hard Packers fan and includes a picture of my friends and I all suited up for the Super Bowl :)


  15. I love every single dress you posted. They are all so cute. Your hair looks really cute in that pic.

  16. Love this post :) Such a great idea!
    Goo Cats!p

  17. I go to Wisconsin so we don't dress up for games (my Saturday outfit is red and white overalls =] ) but I lived down in Georgia for a few years and I remember thinking how lovely it was that everyone got so dolled up for games! Definitely a different atmosphere than up here in da nort'!


  18. Go Vols!! There is nothing like SEC football and I'm literally counting down the days until I can sing Rocky Top. Love these dresses which I definitely would sport on gameday...maybe against Arkansas??? :) Love the hair!

  19. HOTTTTTTTIE! I know I already commented on your pic on Facebook, but dang girl...you're a knockout! You're going to be the most beautiful bride ever!

    Ohhh, and I know you picked those Ole Miss dresses out for me :) haha jk! Hope you have the most wonderful weekend, my dear!

  20. Love your hair in your bridal picture and this post has my beyond ready for football season!

  21. First and foremost, you looked GORGEOUS for your bridal pictures..holy moly! And I'm a Gamecock girl, so I'm lovin' the styles you shared. I couldn't be more excited for fall/SEC football either! Thanks for sharing!!



  22. Woohoo! Go Gators! I, like you, get sooo excited about football season...we are SO close!

    LOVE your hair for your bridal portraits. Do you havvvve to wear your hair down for your wedding? It seriously looks unbelievably gorgeous up!


  23. loving the UK options :) new follower here, your blog is precious cute!

    with love,
    sarah from sarahhayx33.blogspot.com

  24. Love this! My beloved BSU played Georgia a few years back and we traveled to the game. I couldn't understand why all the girls were SO dressed up for the games either. One thing is for sure, we stepped up our outfits for the next game! P.S. bridal updo-gorg!

  25. Rachel and I might be fighting over that blue dress for the first Ole Miss game of the season! Hotty Toddy :)

  26. I have always been a fan of the Miami dolphins. Sad but true! They were the first team to have a perfect season! ;)

  27. Wow, your hair looks great! I'm a bridesmaid next weekend and your style is exactly what I was looking for. Do you have any pictures of the back? I would love to see them!

  28. OBSESSED WITH THIS POST!!!! you are too freakin cute. GO CATS! diggin those ky blue dresses :)

  29. Loved your hair style! So pretty!

    Die hard Ole MISS fan! Hotty Toddy!
    Love those dresses that you picked! can't wait for football season to start! :)

  30. Les, you have no idea how badly I am mourning my first first football season out of the south. Seriously.

  31. I'm an Oklahoma State girl all the way---already buying plane tickets to get to as many games as I can! That means I need lots of orange wardrobe updates! :)


  32. So I was about to get on you because I thought you left off Vandy, my alma mater, but then you included them! Yay....and great picks!

  33. Love your blog even though I'm a brunette! :) Looks like Texas A&M is coming to the SEC, so we need maroon and white dresses and style updates as well. So stinkin' excited for football to start! GIG 'EM AGS!

  34. Love this post! I'm a hardcore hogs fan, but on this post I'm a gators fan! Love those blue dresses! And your hairstyle is gorgeous

  35. Love this post!! I went to UGA and I fully believe in dressing up for football games!! Love me some Judith March dresses too ;) Your blog is to die!

    I am your newest follower! I hope you can check out me & my sister's blog and follow back :) We love new visitors!!

    Twitter: @maryanddyer

  36. Oh girl, I am just waiting for my new Razorback dress to come in! WPS! Can't wait to call those HOGS!

    By the way, I LOVE your bridal hair. Beautiful!

  37. This is the best fashion-football linkup I have seen yet!! I know it is soo hard to find cute gameday outfits that no one else has (unlike the VS line), and you hit the nail right on the head!
    I absolutely LOVE your blog and I can't wait for more wedding details!

    xoxo, Michelle

  38. I've never commented before but this post is Great. I love love the dresses you chose for the Gamecock girls. They are super cute. I CAN-NOT wait for football to begin. Just had to give a little shout out for the Cocks. P.S. My name is also Lesley...just spelled a little differently and I'm a blonde too.

  39. Such a creative post! I'm not an LSU fan, but those dresses were super cute!


  40. What a precious post! I almsot had a heart attack until I saw the Uk gear, going to get the lacey one!! TOO cute. Thanks girlie!! xoxo

  41. Look at you!!! Giving us all love! I adore the Mississippi State dresses and I might have to snag the Vandy one since it's Houndstooth after all.

    ROLL TIDE! I can't believe this Saturday is opening game. I'm so excited!!!

    As a East Coast girl I can attest to the fact that Southern Belle football fans are completely different than us East Coast and Northern girls... maybe it's the freezing temps or just the laid back life of the Northern Peeps but Southerners do have style and I love that the Belles flaunt it at every game.

    It takes some getting used to but I love the proper feel it gives. {besides who says a belle can't kick back a few brews and scream like a boy... she just does it in style}.

    Not to down my northern girls, I am after all one of them but I sort of dig this dressed up style. And it makes for great fashion watching at the game between plays!

    I have been meaning to post a whole blog about this topic so if it's OK I am going to link to this since you did so many SEC girls justice with it! ox

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  43. I love your post and the tradition of Southern girls dressing up for Game Day!



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