Shoe In

All photos in this post are via The Coveteur

Shoes are art. If you disagree, kindly Google Alexander McQueen and then come back and talk to me.

Because of my love for fine footwear, I’m constantly perusing the interwebs in search of amazing shoes and pictorials featuring them. I recently stumbled upon a gorgeous spread from The Coveteur featuring L.A.-based clothing designer/extraordinaire Emily Current and her expansive collection of shoes.

If her name sounds familiar, well, it’s because she, (and partner Merritt Elliott) are about as synonymous with the fashion scene as McNuggets are to fast food. Together, Current and Elliott set up shop about a decade ago and have been producing some of the most sought-after outerwear on the market. Mavens like Reese Witherspoon, Katie Holmes and the Olsen twins are a few of the celeb clientele that frequently sport the Current/Elliott namesake.

The Coveteur recently paid a visit to Emily’s Los Angeles home to photograph her collection of Miu Mius, Pradas and Chanels, which resulted in quite the artistic pictorial.

Check out more of this lurvely spread here.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Very cute. Those shoes probably cost an arm and a leg so why not display them when they are not pounding the pavement.

  2. Those shoes and the displays are fabulous!!

  3. Love these shoes. And the way they are captured, boring white backgrounds are so OVER.


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