Honeymoon Dresses and Hair Extensions

Today, we’re talking about two things: Honeymoon dresses and Hair Extensions. (I’m sure you gathered this from reading the title of the post because y’all are observant like that.)

There's nothing I love more than to state the obvious.

M’kay, so I did something this past weekend I've been thinking about for a while now. I finally purchased myself some fake hair, or 'stensions, (as we call 'em on the streets.)

It took me a couple of practice runs to get it smooth and blended, but after playing with it for a bit on Sunday afternoon, I loved the finished look!

It looks SUPER cute worn down and loosely curled, but I also love it in a , low curled side-pony  a ‘la yesterday’s look:

I got the ten piece set in ‘platinum’, but they come in a variety of shades for every hair color, even highlighted/low-lighted hair like mine. Mine are the 14" length and really aren't a whole lot longer than my natural hair length, but they do give it an extra 5 inches or so! If you're going for a really long look, I'd go with the 18" or 20" lengths.

They clip in like a barrette and are made from real hair. This is both creepy and awesome. Creepy because it came from someone else's head. Awesome, because you can color it, wash it, dry it, flat iron it, curl it and even knit a nice sweater out of it.

Ok, maybe not that last part.

Moving on, moving on…

Yesterday was pay day at work, which means two things right now: 1) I needed to buy the postage for the wedding invitations that HAVE to be mailed out...


and, 2) Get some dresses for the honeymoon and rehearsal dinner.

Check and check!

I picked up the Judith March Gameday Dress from DressTherapy.com in style 591D1. I know houndstooth and red are the ‘Bama colors, but I liked it too much to pass it up! Plus, Alabama is my second favorite SEC team, so it was a win-win : )

I also got the Judith March Black Dot Keyhole Versatile Dress from McCauley’s in Black. The thing I loved most about this style was that you could purchase multiple collars to change the look of the dress and swap them out to your heart’s content. Because I couldn’t choose just one, I purchased two collars!

I got the Elegant Alice Collar and also the presh Stripes for Santana Collar.

I plan to wear it at the rehearsal dinner with the Stripes for Santana…cute, don’t you think?

And finally, I picked up this Wings of Love top in red from Francesca’s Collections. I think it will be super presh with a ¾ sleeve jacket for chilly fall football games…and walks on the coast in S.C. on our honeymoon : )


A few of y’all asked about my make-up that I wore for my bridal pics, (brand, colors, etc.)

Here’s the rundown…just beware - I wore a FULL face of make-up, so this is probably not realistic for a regular day:

1) Foundation – Lancome Teint Idole in Bisque3N

2) Powder – Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder (colorless), recommended by photographers

3) Blush – NARS Blush in Angelika

4) Concealer – Smashbox High Definition Concealer in Fair/Light

5) Bronzer – Too Faced Carribean in a Compact – Sun Bunny Bronzer

6) Eyeshadow – Stila “In the Light” Palette

7) Mascara – Loreal Volumnious Mascara in Blackest Black

8) Faux Lashes – Ardell False Eyelashes in Size 124 (applied with clear glue)

9) Lipliner – Smashbox “The Nude” Lip Liner in Pinkish Nude

10) Lipstick – Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick in Wild Blossom

11) Lip Gloss – LipFusion InFATuation in La Lip Jolie

Whew! I think that’s it. As you can see, I’m strictly a natural beauty. ; )

Y'all also asked about my 'teefe. I'm flattered that y'all think I have a good smile, mostly because I drink obscene amounts of coffee and tea! However, my "grill" comes courtesy of good orthodontics in my teen years and Crest Whitestrips. I don't have veneers and I've never done professional whitening treatments : ) And there you have it.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. love your hair! those 'stensions look great.

    and so cute dresses... even though im a georgia fan :)

  2. on the streets. lol.

    your stensions look mighty fine!

    love the houndstooth dress, very very cute.
    it's looks more like a razorback red to me!

  3. Love your blog even more now that I know your a BAMA fan! ROLL TIDE!! Love the dress!!

  4. so pretty. i might need to look into extensions, but i seriously doubt there is any out there that will match my hair color.

    love judith march. my friend sells a lot of her pieces at her boutique. great for college gamedays.

  5. love all your honeymoon finds, especially the game day dress! red and black is perfect for texas tech, too :)


  6. Love your finds, and those hair extensions look amazing!! I'm on the look out for some cute cocktail dresses for wedding festivities right now too.
    You have to share where you got the blouse in the pics with your hair extensions. I love it!

  7. Your hair looks so pretty! Love the red top!

  8. You do have a great set of chops! The extensions are super cute. I wore them for the first time ever on my wedding day and it really added that extra glamour...and it made me feel like a star!!

  9. OOOOOOOOkay-while I am not so much a fan of 'Bama (Gamecock fan all the way ;) ) I am a HUGE fan of that dress! also-You are going to SC for your honeymoon? What part?
    Love your blog-it is super cute!

  10. hi. found your blog from the roaring twenties blog. super cute stuff you've found. i have the top from francesca's (in grey) and it's darling on!


  11. Sc coast for the honeymoon!! Where? I'm a local:) I can give you fab hole in wall places to eat while there :)

  12. The dresses are so cute!
    love the houndstooth :)

    And the extensions... I want to get some but i'm so scared that they won't blend

  13. That game day dress is adorable!! I love it! Your hair looks great too!

  14. Your hair looks gorgeous!!!

    XOXO, CC



  15. your lockes look stunning! love these dresses, super cute!

    happy to have found your blog,

  16. you're going to be SO addicted to your new 'stensions...(or "extensh" as I call mine) I'm obsessed with mine-have them in 2 different links lol!

  17. ahh! my best friend just bought that top from francescas when we were shopping last weekend and i love it! its adorable, and will look fab on you :)

  18. I thought the fact that hair extensions are made from real hair was creepy/cool too. You are so funny!

  19. First of all your bridal photo make up looks great!!! Second of all, I love that red dress and 3rd, your hair looks great!

  20. One of my new clients' site is all about extensions. It is making me tempted to get some - love yours and you look so pretty girl!

    Your makeup is stunning. Thanks for giving us the low down.

  21. ZOMGGGG Head over heels for that dress! As a BAMA girl you know I might have to bite off your style... although it might be too short for me.

    Now your longer hair makes perfect sense you totally fooled me with that later post I commented on. Well done! ox

  22. One of my besties wore 'stensions for her wedding day and her hair stayed perfectly curled the whole day! It also looked great with all the volume! She wore her hair up half down.

    pictures of her wedding day.

    Her husband was getting questions from girls he worked with.." How did her hair look perfect for the entire day." lol He kept the 'stensions a secret.

  23. Did you dye your hair extensions to match your hair or did they come in the color you needed? They look great! Thinking about getting some!


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