Trend Watch Wednesday: {Colorblocking Is Still Cool}

File this under: Trends That Were Popular This Past Summer & Are Still Cool for Fall

Colorblocking was hot-to-trot this past summer and dagnabit, it's still hot now. (Yep, I just said dagnabit. Call me Elmer Fudd.) I love the idea of taking something from a previous season and giving it a facelift for another - so much fun and a GREAT way to stretch your wardrobe from season to season!

For transitioning the colorblocked look into fall, you've gotta go toward cozier colors. You can still use bright colors, but keep them grounded and earthy by using neutral colors as the base of your palette. (Earthy? What the heck is up with my lingo today?)

Take note below of how a few stylish females pulled off colorblocking during cooler weather:

Emma Stone rocks her bright fuschia with fire hydrant red - a color commonly associated with autumn. And Razorback football : )

Not sure who this is, but she sure knows how to colorblock. Love the unexpected pop of Barbie pink amongst all the browns and tawny tans.

If ever there were a perfect colorblocking palette for fall, this would be it. Hello brick red and chocolate brown...so nice to see you!

So yeah, ga'head and give the ole colorblocking maneuver a second try this sesason...you might rediscover your love for cross-seasonal trending.

*All pics used in this post were taken from Pinterest. The collages with color samples were made by moi. Please seek consent before re-using.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. omg where is that dress from?! (the one not on a model)

    I saw a beautiful colorblock dress in glamour magazine but haven't found one i totally adore

  2. Looove color blocking! I think I'd still rock it even if it wasn't 'in' ;)

  3. So pretty! I love Wednesdays.

    I'm so impressed! You continue to be one of the most reliable bloggers even though your wedding is so close! I LOVE it! :) Thank you!

  4. i love that emma stone dress :) And I am so excited that color blocking is moving into the fall...i can't get enough of it :)

    p.s. love that your from Arkansas...I'm from Memphis!

  5. Im a total color blocking LOVER! :)

  6. yay for color blocking! i dig it. great photos you posted there darlin.

  7. New follower here :) love ur blog!! Color blocking is all crew is showing right now and Im obsessed. Have a great weekend!

  8. you have such great ideas! I'm quite a bit behind when it comes to fashion so I appreciate your advice. Are you willing to share your Pinterest screen name? I'd love to see what your styles are on there!


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