Trend Watch Wednesday: {Fall Essentials}

This came from Pinterest, but I have no clue who designed this shoe or where it can be purchased : (

Greetings, girlies. Looks like we’ve officially made it to mid-week…hooray and hoorah! With fall just right around the corner, I thought it was high time to start putting together my own wishlist of clothes and accessories for the upcoming season. This fall, more than any season previously, the style abounds. Leopard and snakeskin, tulle and lace, leather and denim…oh my stars, it’s almost too much goodness to handle!

In case you’re working on putting together your own fall “must-have” list, here are a few essentials I think we ought to all have on hand this season:

Scalloped Skirts

Scalloped edges are ever-so-femme, making them perfect for a girly fall look. This beauty (seen above) from ASOS is the epitome of prettiness!

Button-Up Tunics in Silk

Ashley Hebert rocked the heck out of these on this season’s Bachelorette and now it’s our chance! Invest in a few tunics in various shades of earth-tones and navy (like these by Rory Beca above) and pair them with skinny jeans for an effortlessly cool fall look.

Silk Dresses

Are you noticing a trend here with the silk, yet? I’ve tweeted about this dress before (probably because I bought it and LOVE it so much!), but seriously, you’ve got to see the beauty firsthand, y’all. It’s perfect for a dressy autumn event, like oh, a wedding perhaps? ; ) Maybe say, if you were attending one on Northwest Arkansas on September 17th?? Ok, I’ll stop now.

Leopard, However You Please

Faux Fur Jacket by Tulle

Blue Moon Shorts in Leopard Silk

Leopard shorts and jackets will be prime candidates for ‘most-purchased’ items this season, as it appears this once daring animal print is becoming a popular neutral! Pair it with denim, leather, suede or silk…where it on a purse, as a top, even as a short…just wear it.


AIKO Maud Top in Nude

Steve Madden "Bevv" Heel in Blush

Nope, I don’t mean going nakey, but rather sporting shades of blush, taupe and beige. These heels and this top are perfection. Be sure to keep your make-up glossy and simple, in keeping with the subtle shades of the nude rainbow.

Structured Blazers in Twill

Twill Blazer with Shawl Collar in Olive,  by K-Dash for Kardashian

Every girl needs a great fitting blazer in her closet; consider it an investment piece and pay a few extra dollars to ensure the integrity of yours is outstanding. The most flattering lengths are those that fall right atop the hip bones. These puppies will make you look ten pounds skinnier and 5 inches taller…for serious.

Winter Wedges

Wedges are synonymous with summer and sundresses, but this winter, designers like Jeffrey Campbell and Sam Edelman are doing the “winter” wedge. This close-toed stunner is exactly what any girl needs to add spice and sex appeal to a hum-drum fall wardrobe.

What are your essentials for this fall? Are you a leopard lover or a silk supporter? Maybe you can’t wait to get your hands on the perfect twill blazer? Do tell!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Love all of these! I need some of these silk tunics in my life ASAP.

  2. I love leopard, and those first shoes are to die for. Love your list of must-haves! Great choices.

  3. Silk tunics and nude heels are at the very top of my list for fall. Can't wait to pick up some new pieces soon!

  4. I LOVE animal print, especially leopard! I always say "Animal print is my favorite color!" :) Never thought to pair with lace....I will have to search my closet for some new pairings!

  5. I always love your ideas and there are some great fall trends. Unfortunately for this coming season... (but FORTUNATELY for me and the hubs) i am currently 3 1/2 months pregnant.

    Do you have any ideas to make these trends work for a pregnant lady?

  6. love animal prints!
    the nude is totally presh :)

  7. Oh wow, I am pretty obsessed with those leopard print shoes! I wish you knew where they were from!

    I am also equally in love with the black wedges and love to hear they are becoming a staple in the fall wardrobe..promising news!


  8. I love everything in this post!! Which means I must love your style :) Happy Wedding Planning, it's almost here!!!

  9. Nude and Leopard my Favorites! Steve Madden Shoes~DYE!!!~ Love it!


  10. I'm loving these outfits! I would love it if you could do a post on affordable pieces that could function for winter time work and nights out. I feel like its so hard to bridge that gap some times! - Alyssa

  11. I've been looking for silk button up shirts, I love the ones you put up! Wish I could afford over a hundred dollards for one! Haha.

    That dress is really cute too! If I hadnt already gotten a dress for a wedding I'm going to this could have been a possiblity!

  12. I love the silky tunics!!! Ahh- where is a good spot to purchase some?

  13. In the past 2 week I just bought myself a bright green silk tunic, a gray leopard tank for layering, and will FOR SURE be getting myself a pair of wedged booties for fall/winter. The wedged bootie was a staple in Denmark last year and I'm in love. I'd have to say after reading this I feel right on track!!

    Oh, and love that silk dress you have here. I'm clicking the link right now to see where I might get myself one....

  14. Love your blog! :) I became a follower! :) I love the tan Steve Madden shoes! :) Erin


  15. Aww your blog makes me sad. I can't even look at it. I just reminds me that I am now a stay at home mom who no longer wears stilettos and wears yoga pants and is on a budget. I was THE fashionista and my high school's best dressed. How times have changed! I now shop at consignment stores to be able to stay at home with my baby but I wouldn't trade it. I will take my flats I guess, haha.

  16. Loving your clothes. Where does one purchase the long sleeve peach dress?


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