Ran to the Dom

Greetings girls!

Things are le crazy right now with our upcoming wedding (eek!), so unfortch, blogging is about to take a backseat : ) But seriously, has there ever, EVER been a better reason to put my leettle blogpet aside for a while? Not planning to fall off the radar completely, but there will probably be a small cutback in posts for a bit, especially the couple of weeks before the big day! Hope y’all will stick with me, cuz, um, I really, REALLY like you guys and am sort of addicted to this blog thing.

Plus, I’ll have tons of pretty pics and whatnot to show after all the wedding/honeymoon awesomeness : )

I’ve also made the surprisingly not-so tough-decision not to have guest bloggers or even TOUCH my computer whilst on the honeymoon, just because I want to savor every moment of the experience. I’ve just never had much luck with the whole scheduled posts feature on Blogger either. Don’t get me wrong, I really do appreciate all of the sweet offers to guest post for me while I’m gone, but I think we’ll take a nice week-long break during the honeymoon altogether. I know y’all understand!

So now, a few randoms:

1. Did y’all know that Vogue is currently working on a big ‘ole website that will feature a digital version of every single issue published since 1892? Better question, did y’all know that Vogue has even been around since 1892?! Well, both are true. It’s a’happenin. It’s supposed to launch in December because, well, Anna Wintour couldn’t figure out what to buy me for my b-day and said, “I know just the present!”

Or maybe because they wanted it up and running before the end of the year.

Tomato, tom-ah-to.

2. Someone asked me yesterday if I was going to do a Bachelorette recap. Well, seeing as how I’m about 3 days late for that party, I’ll just leave you with a few thoughts about the season finale:

-I cannot believe she actually let Ben get down on one knee and fully propose to her. The entire time I was yelling at the TV, “Stop him! Put him out of his misery!” IMO, girlfriend knew exactly what the guy was doing on the ground, (and it wasn’t looking for his dropped contact lense.) Maybe ABC made her sign a contract saying if some poor schlup decided he’d pop the question, (but she wasn’t feeling him), she still had to let him finish proposing in order to satisfy the gazillions of voyeuristic women out there that love a good awkward moment. And really, who doesn’t love a painfully awkward moment, especially when we aren’t the ones living in it?

-I’m glad she picked J.P. though, even though her surprisingly rude, maladjusted and, (dare I say), jealous sister totally gave him the cold shoulder at the family date. I heard she apologized at the After the Final Rose thing, but still, you know he’ll never forget her sour ‘tude when they chatted that day.

-I totally don’t blame Ben for stomping off and being p.o.’d about getting dumped. In fact, his show of anger and display of colorful language, which ABC so artfully bleeped out, was kind of refreshing from his usually polite and reserved demeanor. Rock on with your bad and newfound angsty self, Benny boy.

3. We set a record high temperature in Arkansas yesterday. 115. As in degrees.

Somewhere Al Gore is saying, “Told ya so…”

4. If I weren't on a budget right now, I'd totally buy this dress. I'm just saying...wouldn't she be the perfect frock for a fall wedding or dressy, cooler weather event? She's by ASOS and you can get her here.

Y’all have a great day.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Completely understand that you want to take time off during the honeymoon, but I will miss you posts, your writing is so funny. It always makes me smile.

  2. I totally understand taking time off blogging for your big day and honeymoon- I would do the same. Enjoy that time!
    And the Vogue website- whatttt?! I had NO clue they had been around that long and I'm sure that I will be blowing way too much time reading over old issues once it launches. Thanks for the heads up about that one!

  3. I think Ben got lucky... I wouldn't want to ride the emotional rollercoaster with Ashley for the rest of my life. She is such a clueless drama queen & I honestly think she has been the worst bachelorette ever... sighhhh!

  4. Ohmaword, I loved this post! You crack me up and make me smile! And I think you should totally just enjoy the wedding/honeymoon without having to worry with the computer!

    P.S - I live in Fayetteville, so I am TOTALLY there with ya on the ridiculous heat!

  5. Totally think you should take a break during your Honeymoon! It's a special time! And I can.not believe she let him propose!!! So wrong on so many levels. I'm in Central Texas and we hit 111 yesterday, so I feel ya :(

  6. Absolutely take time off for the wedding/honeymoon. I had the phone OFF, the Facebook OFF, the computer OFF until I was back and ready. It felt like such a personal, private time for the two of us that it felt good to not be tethered to technology. Enjoy every minute!

  7. You will be so glad you "unplugged" for the honeymoon! It's so great to just sit back and relax without any distractions :)

    I loved JP too but I still can't believe she let Ben propose! So rude.

  8. I defiantly need another cup of coffee. I keep re-reading the title of your post trying to figure out what dom means. Is it a store? Is it an abbreviation? I'm a little slow this morning :) I'm so excited to see all your wedding pictures, have fun planning!

  9. I would totally take a break from blogging too while you are on your honeymoon!! Girl, you are going to want to soak that up and not worry about the computer AT ALL!!!

  10. Hi there!
    Just came across your blog through Lori's (a crazy walk on the safe side).
    Your post title caught my eye.
    Anyway, congrats on your upcoming wedding! Fun fun fun. You are adorable. Love your hair choices for the big day. I'm a hairdresser. :)

  11. I can't wait to hear all about the wedding!!

  12. Im so excited for you guys!! HOORAY!


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