Ok, a little backstory about the word ‘neckin’, if you aren’t from the south. Making out, or ‘neckin’, as it’s called down here, is what the old southern bitties call it when two people are rounding first base together. There was even a song that my Memaw used to sing to me when I was little about some hoochie named Sally and how she and her man got caught ‘neckin’ at the soda fountain.

I had a colorful childhood.

Anywhozit, today’s post isn’t about tonsil hockey or fast women named Sally. Nope, today’s post is about fun accessories to put ‘round yo’ neck this fall.


Let’s all take a moment and repeat that word slowly and with purpose.

Faaaaaalllllllll……….Bless it.

Here are my top picks for fun neck accessories this season:


Pieces Lucy Leopard Snood and River Island Loose Knit Snood

I’ll start by giving y’all the official Wikipedia definition of snood: A type of European neckwear, a tubular scarf that does not have ends; a complete circle of knitted fabric. Can be worn as a scarf or even as a hood.

My definition goes a little something like this: A really long circle of cable knit that you can drape around your neck as many times as you fancy. It sounds more expensive and exotic than a plain old “scarf” and therefore, typically costs more dinero. I think I’ll refer to all of my neck accessories this fall as snoods, just to give myself extra street cred as a fashion blogger.

Do you think that when you wear a snood it’s called ‘snooding’?

Boston Terriers can 'snood' too!


Warehouse Cheetah Print Scarf and Alice Hannah Color Block Scarf

Well, it’s a scarf. Not much to say about these other than the fact that they are not only awesome, but necessary for any chica’s wardrobe. There’s a reason why the scarf has been around forevs – it’s timeless. It was originally created in 1678 to block Swiss peasants’ necks from the elements while they tended their fields and explored the Matterhorn (ok, yeah I’m full of crap.) Anyway, this lovely, super popular accessory can really be worn at any time of the year….whether you’re a Swiss, mountain-climbing peasant or a 26 year old web marketing manager from Arkansas.


ASOS Premium Sequin Collar and Famtasy Fur Peter Pan Collar

These are REALLY ‘in’ this season, as we noticed on several of the Fall 2011 runways. You can actually purchase them separately (like necklaces) and add them on as an accessory to sweaters, cardigans and even coats to create a polished look. The Peter Pan style collar is one of the most popular, (and one of my personal favs.)

Square Scarf

Silk Look Suitcase Print Scarf and Silk Look Grid Print Square Scarf

I know what you’re thinking; a scarf is a scarf is a scarf, right? Well actually, these scarves are quite different from traditional scarves in that they have to be tied completely differently. They are shorter and square-er and usually made of a much lighter fabric, like silk. I used to refer to them fondly as the Boy Scout scarf, but these nowadays are far more stylish than anything those knot tying, rope climbing boys ever wore.

Doth you fair maidens see a neck accessory that tickles your fancy? Will you snood this year?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. You said Snood and I immediately missed playing Snood on the computer. Fun game.
    Funner neackwear. Funner... Not a word, btw.
    I'm a huge fan of the collar!
    I think I'll be attempting to crochet my own Snoodie.

  2. OOOO Love them all!! Scarves are my absolute favorite. I wear one just about every day once the weather gets a little cooler! I have bought 2 in the past week.. It's 110+ degrees here. I have issues ha!!

  3. Love these all!!! I think I need to adapt to the square scarf, they can be so classy. (like the photos you posted!)

    I think that pup pup sports a snood better than I ever could!

  4. hahah umm never heard of it called a snood before. I just call them infinity scarves and they are my FAVES!! I love them. Duh I will be snooding it. I like that pink one in the top pic.

  5. Just bought a leopard scarf the other day and I can't wait for the weather to cool down a bit so I can wear it!

  6. When I saw the title of this post I legit thought it would be about making out :) Umm... I think I may just have to invest in a snood (or 10). They are fabulous! xo

  7. Can I just say that I am so excited for Fall...I love fall accessories including scarves and really anything that keeps my neck warm.

    I have never heard of the term "neckin". Haha
    Happy Friday!

  8. ive never heard of a snood... but its the same as an infinity scarf, yeah? i dont have one... but once i find the right color/fabric, she will be mine :)

    i absolutely cannot wait to break out my scarf collection for fall..

  9. Oh how I love you southerners... :) By the way... How far do you live from KY??? Ill be there at the end of September! :)

  10. I just came across your blog and am seriously loving it! it's so cute and I love all your tips and pictures =] It was an instant follow!

  11. oh my gosh these scarves and these coats...amazing.

  12. oooh I can't wait to bust out my scarves! Your post just made me very excited for fall as well as made me want to buy ALL of these !!

  13. i love the snood!!

    will def be rocking that in a month or so!


  14. Your blog posts seriously make my day. You are just TOO cute!

    And? You made me feel super fashionable . I have a snood :)

  15. Scarves are probably my favorite accessory because they can jazz up a basic outfit. I like buying classic wardrobe pieces so I can rewear them over and over..problem is, you're wearing them all the dang time. Statement jewelry and big gauzy wrapped scarves are my be-fries b/c they instantly change the look!

    Rocking a scarf in Atlanta through the summer can be challenging cuz if my neck is hot ALL OF SARAH is hot. So they must be loose. And lightweight. :)


  16. I'm not very good at snooding but after seeing some of these photos I want to! ;)

  17. I'm a huge fan of scarves! So cute and so fun!

  18. haha that is just too funny. I think i first learned that termed from a southern person. But oh my gosh those big fluffy cozy scarfs, i must go get some

  19. I knit snoods! Call me a granny but I LOVE it! I knitted a gorgeous duck-egg blue one last year, it's SO warm! XX

  20. Love the scarfs! I have been reading your blog for a month or so now and love it. I got the Benefit primer you reccommended the other day and love it. I wanted to see if you have heard of something called the BirchBox though. My friend just introduced me to it. For $10/month you get a little box in the mail that has deluxe sized samples. GOOD stuff too. Benefit, Nars, Smashbox, etc. Just google Birch Box, other websites have reviewed the products and such too. I just signed up so haven't gotten my first one yet but I thought it sounded like something you would love!

  21. Thanks for the definition of a 'snood'! lol I was not aware of that term! :)



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