A Singing Contest, Some Egocentric TV Personalities and Reasons Why I Love Spray Tanning

...and the 2011 Blogger award for longest title ever goes to.....


Anywhoodle, if you’re reading this, it means you’ve made it to Friday. And for that, dear readers, I commend you. And me. Because I’m writing this and that means I’ve made it to Friday, too.

In honor of today, the day that signals the end of the work week and the beginning of the glorious weekend, I thought I’d just purge some rando thoughts, ideas and questions that have been running through my mind this week. M’kay?

1. First thing’s first, my good friend Euni has a very talented young daughter, A.J., that is quite the singer. She is actually participating in a Youth Talent Contest right now where people can go and vote for their favorite kid performer. KFSM will choose 30 top performers (chosen by the number of votes) to perform in the semi-finals on the Dr. Pepper Stage at the 2011 Arkansas Oklahoma State Fair! Their judges will then choose 15 finalists to take the big stage for the chance at the grand prize!

If you get a spare minute today, can y’all go vote for her please? I’ve sort of watched this kiddo grow into her own over the past few years and she’s not only beautiful, but also just a GOOD person; pure of heart and considerate of others. She’s also got a heart for the Lord, which just makes me love her even more : )

So yeah, please go lend A.J. your vote! You can vote once a day, so get to it, Blonde Ambitioners : )

2. A few of y’all have asked where you can get affordable silk tunics, so I’ve searched the interwebs and found several WAY cute options for you for less than $100 a pop. Take a look-sey!

-Twist & Tango Silk Tunic from ASOS
-Silk Tunic with Buttons in Olive from National Jean Company
-Silk Charmeuse Tunic from J.Jill
-Da-Nang Voile Tunic in Raw
-Trinity 3/4 sleeve Tunic Top in Sage/Red Print
-Quicksilver Nevermind L/S Button Up Tunic in After Hours Black
-Abstract Satin Tunic from Forever21
-Pleated Peter Pan Top in Cream from Forever21
-Long Woven Shirt in Royal from Forever 21
-Sheer Woven Top in Nude from Forever 21

3. I’ve gotten a couple requests from readers to re-post the links to the APY60 fitness program. This workout program has changed my body and gotten me into wedding shape in no time flat! You can visit APY60.com to learn more about this program, created by the yoga instructor for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders! APY60 fitness program…it’s awesome!

Also, you can get Free Shipping with Coupon Code: freeship

4. Has anyone else out there tuned in to Most Eligible: Dallas on Bravo lately? Honestly, it pains me to admit I watch such hogwash. But seriously, the amount of ego that each of the cast members carries is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. However, do I think I'll tune in? Yes. I'm a glutton for mindless, self-indulgent television of any kind.

5. I love spray tanning. I feel like I’m constantly professing my love for the spray tan, but I really do love it. I’ve been getting one every two weeks all summer and I can really tell a difference in the way my skin feels, as opposed to previous summers when I’d bake in the sun for hours on end and come home looking like a leather satchel. I cannot tell you girls enough how important it is to forego the tanning bed. I talked to a girl yesterday who just found out she has malignant melanoma. She tanned for years. Spray tanning = Best thing to happen to the beauty industry ever.

6. I’ll definitely be getting a fresh Mystic Tan before those boudoir pics I talked about yesterday…

7. Speaking of the boudoir pics, I now feel like I need to do 1,000 sit-ups before bed every night leading up to that shoot. Now I know how those Playboy centerfolds must feel.

Minus the big boobs.

And I’ll be wearing underwear.

8. My new hair extensions and I are really getting along well. I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to invest in some. I mean, how did I go 26 years without knowing the pure bliss of really long, clip-in hair?

9. I want this Animal Print dress (also seen below) from ASOS in the worst way.

10. We are getting our marriage license on Monday. WOAH NELLY!!!!

11. I’ll no longer have a fiancé in 28 days. I’ll have a husband. Again, Nelly, woah.

Y’all have a great weekend. I’m off to visit my momma for the weekend.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. omg...i cannot bare to watch that dallas show. trust me, i love trashy tv more than anyone else. but those people are toolbags and that's putting it midly. matt is hot but a total douche and courtney...i love her hair and fashion sense, but also a female douche. and that little fella that loves to wear his fedoras...ugh! get over yourself!

    as far as spray tans go...i LOVE them. totally obsessed. i also love fake bake spray from ulta. so good for quick touch ups or when you don't have time to go to get sprayed.

  2. What Beth said. I'm from Dallas and that show is embarassing. Unfortunately, I too will be watching. My BFF is pale like me and we've spent minimal time in the sun. We tanned before prom and stuff and she got melanoma at 24. Truly horrifying. Luckily she caught it early, but still. People who still tan in beds ARE STUPID and that is putting in mildly.

    I have got to get that yoga DVD, I just wish it were cheaper!

  3. ahh, totally got sucked in to most eligible dallas! I want to punch courtney in the face! maybe it's cause I'm a mama and if I had a spare 15 minutes I would love to meet new people and friends! grr, and yes i will still watch:)

  4. Your wedding is coming sooooo fast! Didn't you just announce your engagement yesterday. I make a dilligent effort to limit my reality TV or else I'd be watching it 24/7! The trashy ones are the best most addicting ones out there. That's BRAVO and VH1!!

  5. I'm a sucker for pointless TV shows as well. I watched the first episode of Most Eligible: Dallas and was pretty much annoyed by every single character. But, I'll probably keep tuning in as well. Can't say I'm perfect :)

  6. Everything about this post makes me excited! Congrats on getting your marriage license..so exciting! I can't imagine how you are feeling right now but I can't wait to know what it feels like!

    I have only been spray tanning once but it was a GREAT experince..the color wasn't fake looking at all and I was instantly tan..what could be better!

    Have a great weekend :)


  7. If only spray tans didn't leave my hands, knees, and elbows looking like I rolled around in dirt! I can't seem to get those parts of me to look natural.

    I totally want to try out hair extensions for everyday wear. It would be so nice to have a little bit thicker hair!

  8. I want to try that yoga dvd so bad.

    I also have been obsessing over that leopard dress. You would rock that girl.

    Happy Friday!

  9. I just love your posts. They always make me happy and put me in a little better mood! I cannot believe your wedding is SO CLOSE! I feel like we've been counting down in such wonderful anticipation for so long now...I am so excited for you. You are going to be the most gorgeous bride ever! So, headed over to F21 now to purchase a few of those tunics....LOVE! Will you just be my personal stylist, puhlease?! I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Oh, and excuse my lack of blog posts lately...I promise to be back sooooon! :)

  10. I voted for AJ; much luck to a talented young lady!

    That dress is super cute!

    You will rock those boudoir shots and your fiance will love them!

    Have a great weekend with your Momma! Nothing is better!

  11. Two questions
    1. What kind or where are you going for your spray tans.

    2. What kind of hair extensions did you buy.

    Have an awesome weekend.

  12. In 28 days, when you say "this is my husband" for the first time is a moment you will never forget! It's one of my favorite memories!

  13. Love spray tanning, also! I am white as white can be (a natural redhead) and i always wish i could be tan. Getting sprayed is so much better than getting all cancery and leathery. Great blog! hope you'll check me out!


  14. I love spray tanning too! Though, being a little on the fair side, this really is my only choice :)

  15. I'm getting spray tanned this week before I head out to LA this coming weekend! I'm SO excited b/c I haven't done it in forevah. Do you have any tips for making it last on that note? I"m just going to make sure I'm moisturizing reallllllllly well. :)

  16. Love the ASOS dress! Super adorbs!! And I more so like to watch trash shoes like that to see what the girls are wearing and doesn't it make you feel a pinch better about yourself? haha ;)

  17. i must say, i am very tempted to try spray tanning (though i fear i will get addicted and go broke having to keep up with it). i'm pretty pasty and i got a nice healthy glow this summer that i would love to keep (though a healthy glow for me is likely pale for most other people).

  18. I am considering getting extensions...did you get them professionally put in or do you put them in every day?



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