Trend Watch Wednesday: {Palazzo Party}

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Don’t be tardy for the party….ohhhhhohhhhhohhhh….don’t be tardy for the party…..

I really hope y’all have seen Real Housewives of ATL or you totally won’t understand the above sentence. Anywhozit, today we’re talking about palazzo pants, i.e. Big Honkin’ Pants.

At first, I thought, “My word. Who on Earth could wear these clown pants and be able to take themselves seriously?” But after skimming the interwebs, I found several cute options that aren’t reminiscent of Bozo’s wardrobe.

ASOS and Alice + Olivia both had some super duper variations and I’ve decided that I do think I’ll be investing in a pair before fall.

Alice + Olivia High Waist Wide Leg Pants

ASOS Lipsy Extreme Wide Palazzo Pants

ASOS High Waist Extreme Palazzo Pant

ASOS Palazzo Pants (Classic)

I’ve never worn palazzo pants before, but here are a few tips I found online for pulling off the big-legged look:

1. Keep the shirt form-fitting to avoid a “my clothes swallowed me” look. You want to wear your clothes; not the other way around.

2. Wear ‘em with a heeled shoe or else they will drag the ground like nobody’s biz. And don’t even think about a cropped palazzo. Around these parts we call those ‘gauchos’ and those are NOT okay for fall. Or any other time of the year.

3. Make sure they fit-fit in the booty area. Baggy butts aren’t coo’!

Do you plan to join the palazzo party this fall?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. ohhhhhhhh goodness! the black ASOS ones with that sheer sparkly cami are to die for!
    palzzo's...*sigh*...i rocked the look the first time around (yah. i'm 37. old.) and i so loved it. not sure i can pull it off this time but i'm excited to try :)

  2. I love the pink ASOS pair!

    I am ashamed to say I wore knit gauchos back in, oh, 2005 or so. They started off as dance practice pants and slowly started to appear in my regular wardrobe. Yuck.

  3. Those are gorgeous but I'm not sure I could pul it off.... i bet you could though!

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

  4. No way ;-) This short round momma is gonna leave this trend to the tall, skinny, model types! I do like the black pair with the sheer, sequin top. That's a really classic look!

  5. Wow, I could NEVER wear those. But they look cute on the models wearing them! I'm super skinny, so anything the slightest bit baggy looks like I'm wearing a sack :(

    Ah well! Maybe I'll be able to find them in my size! They do make all sizes nowadays.

    xoxo, Editor A.


  6. I may just have to give palazzo pants a try! They look so cute!

  7. Now that i might not have to go everywhere by bike anymore, I am considering the possibility. And maxi skirts are no longer off limits, too, oh my word, the options!

  8. You might be too young but these were in around the time I first entered the work force. Mine were not nearly as cute as these....but I must say I'm not a fan. It's one trend I won't be jumping on anytime soon!!


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