Double Date Nights and Decorating!

This weekend was SO much fun for us! I tend to not do very many "what we did today" posts, just because our life is really not that thrilling, haha. But, this one entailed a couple of superb date nights and some FABULOUS fall decorating! I decorated my little blonde heart out this weekend and Stephen, bless his soul, supervised like a pro : ) He's very supportive of my obsessive seasonal decorating tendencies.

Friday, we met our friends Kyle and Amanda at Carraba's for some vino and calorie laden goodness. No pics from that night, but as we were getting into bed on Friday night, I remember turning to Stephen and saying, "Is it possible for your stomach to literally burst?"

A couple of Pepcids and a glass of water and all was right with the world again though.

Saturday morning, I went on an hour long home decor buying bender at Hobby Lobby. I gotta say, I'm a pretty lucky lady. When I tell S I'm going to Hob Lob, he smiles, nods and says "Buy whatever you want." He knows that decorating our home within an inch of its life is good for our marriage, haha!

I attempted my very first silk flower arrangement after spying a couple at a local store up here for....$300! Woah, Nelly! Yeah, this chica wasn't paying three Benjamins for a silk arrangement, so I bought some supplies at Hob Lob and did my own version. I think it turned out pretty good!

Saturday night we met some of our other friends Jason and Shannon at Bonefish for drinks and dinner. A quick pic beforehand was necessary : )

Yesterday, I put up all the Halloween decorations! Here are pics!

Fall napkins!

New fall rug for the front door!

New fleur de lis lamps from our friends for a wedding gift...love the fall brick red color!

Pretty bowl of apples...a fall must!

Finally, if y'all needed more evidence that I'm a completely spoiled girl, the hubs made his famous spaghetti and gravy for dinner. (For those of you non-Italians like moi, I learned that 'gravy' is really just their version of a thick marinara or pomodoro sauce, usually with sausage or beef added in for flavor.) Stephen comes from a big Italian family and the recipe has been in their family since forever! Can't give it out, but lemme tell ya, it takes the boy 5+ hours to make it and it's worth every single calorie...YUM.

So tell, Blonde Ambitioners, what did y'all do this weekend?

P.S. - Our one month anniversary of being married is today! To the love of my life, Stephen - Thank you so much for an amazing month! I love you to the moon!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. You did such a GREAT job decorating your home and I absolutely fell in love with your silk flower arrangement! That looks so good!!

    Glad you had a great weekend!

  2. The silk flower arrangement looks amazing! I love it!

    And the shirt you wore is really cute!

    Hope you have a great day!


  3. I love decorating - especially in fall - and the first couple years we were married I went all out. Then I realized that, unfortunately, once the season is over, you have to find space to store said decorations :-( Living in an apartment in CA means you have pretty limited options for that. Boo! But, I love your decorating! So cute!

  4. sounds like a fun weekend....I have to ask, where did the animal print bangle come from? adorable and the perfect splash of a fun print.

  5. i can't believe you have been married a whole month! so happy for you both. thank you for letting us be a part of your journey leslie!
    Your fall decoration are adorable, the flower arrangement turned out AMAZING.

    Quick question- where did you get your top? the one you wore when you went out to dinner with friends.

    let me know at msd83@nau.edu

    or http://biggrinsmakelaughlines-morgan.blogspot.com/

    Morgan Daymude

  6. What a fun weekend. Too much food! Sounds like many of my past weekends. I really WANT to get into decorating! I like what you did.

  7. I LOVE your fall arrangement - you did SUCH a great job!

    How can it be a month already?!

  8. I absolutely love when you do some personal posts - your life is exciting and easy to relate to! A few thoughts fo ryou girlfriend..

    1) Omg, please come decorate the Meg estate for fall - your decor is too cute. I love the not cheesy, but classy way to bring out the seasons too! :)

    2) Way to freaking go on that arrangement! It's so pretty. I love the color, height and texture so much!

    3) Loving that top you have on! You always look so classy and gorgeous.

    4) Is your hubby growing a beard for fall/winter? It looks great. Adam just began the pre-"No Shave November" beard movement. It's pretty cute ;)

    Hugs, love! I seriously hope your week is just beyond awesome - you deserve it! :)

  9. What a fun weekend! You did an amazing job with your silk flower arrangement and look absolutely radiant in all your photos :)

  10. Happy one month! Sunday gravy is the best! I love when my dad makes it. It's getting to be that season again where we'll have massive amounts of pasta and meatballs and his delicious sauce. Glad you had a great weekend and are all decorated for fall.

  11. Love the flowers! You did an amazing job decorating!

  12. Your flower arrangement looks great! Thanks for the idea! I have a vase exactly like yours, and I've been trying to find something to put in there...looks like I'll being visiting HL soon to attempt my own :)

  13. very cute decorations!!!!


  14. What?! You can't give the recipe?? That food looks so good!!! (Can you tell I a hungry right now?)
    I love all the pictures and I love your decorating capabilities! Just perfect!!

  15. Love the rug! :)


  16. Where did you get the spider candle holder?! So cute! I need that in my house!

  17. The flower arrangement looks great! I love it! And the fall decor, too!

    I also had an awesome weekend. I was in your neck of the woods for a wedding. We had so much fun!

  18. How are things going with Cash? Can you give us a Cash update with cute photos?

  19. You do a great silk flower arrangement! Also, details please on your soft-looking cream top!

  20. ps...

    "what we did" posts are my favorite!

  21. Cute decorations!
    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  22. I'm looking around my very undecorated house thinking that you've inspired me! Love the spider candle holder.

  23. You look so happy girl! SO SO happy for you! :)

  24. Ok, I just have to ask... What kind of mascara do you use? My Lord your eyes are absolutely gorgeous! Love the rug for fall too! Soo cute.

  25. So much to comment on!
    1. LOVE the flower arrangement! You could totally sell those, and I would totally buy one!
    2. You always have the cutest outfits and look beautiful!
    3. Where did you get that zebra runner? I must have it!
    4. I have that owl door hanger AND the same scentsy warmer. We must have good, similar tastes!
    5. Love that rug too. Where did you get it?

    Obviously we need to go shopping sometime soon! Have a great day!

  26. I swear, I could spend my entire paycheck at hobby lobby!!! Love all of that decor!


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