"Tin roof!....Rusted!" - The B 52's

It's Friday, thus a nod to one of the greatest one hit wonders is in order, no?

M'kay, so let's talk about this orangey, brownish, reddish color that's taking the world by storm currently. I mean seriously y'all, rust is dominating shelves and racks this fall, (in addition to a large part of my closet), and the good news is, peeps of all skin tones and hair/eye colors can wear it well...a bonus? Me'thinks so.

Arcadian Terrace Lightweight Cardigan,  , Orchard Hill Waist Tie Jacket , Ellis Nautica Striped Cardigan

Naughty Monkey Tightrope shoe

via Pinterest

Arlington Pleated Chiffon Top and Suomi Sweets Skirt in Rust

Belmont Faux Suede Shorts and Namoli Structured Satchel

Sometimes, ladies, it's good to be a little rusty : )

On a warm and furry note (literally) we have a new baby! He's a bouncing 65 lb. German Sheppard with hazel eyes and big paws. Mom, Dad and puppy are all doing well : )

Meet Cash
Seriously though, someone dropped him in our neighborhood on Monday morning (we think). He was scared to death and soaked from being out in the rain. Since we only have one dog, who coincidentally is also a German Sheppard, we figured, "What the hey?" His first vet appointment is tomorrow morning and he seems to be adjusting pretty well to The S Household. We named him Cash, after Arkansas's own son, Mr. Johnny Cash, aka the Man in Black.

And finally-finally, who says marriage kills the romance in a relationship? Look what my hottie husband sent to me at work this week...mmmmhmmm. (Thanks hun - you are the best!)

Be blessed (and have a great weekend), lovelies-


  1. Leslie! You're calling it the wrong color... it's BURNT ORANGE! :) Us Longhorn girls are lucky sometimes because burnt orange (or rust) can be a popular fall color, perfect timing for our football games! J. Crew is usually a good place for that color too. Btw, I must have the source for that sheer skirt!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love that color. It's different but still goes with everything so it's versatile. Which I like. BTW I'm wearing the cute white cardi today that I won in your give away months ago. Just thought I'd mention that for some reason! Happy Friday.

  3. I have to say good for you for taking Cash into your home. I logged on FB yesterday and saw about 3 posts about how people think that their are no kill shelters and they leave their pets, then another post below that was someone giving their dog away because they don't have time. He looks like a cutie!

  4. Oh my goodness that poor little pup. So glad you took him in! Poor thing just needs a little TLC

  5. I am loving that color - I must add it to my wardrobe! The pup is adorable and I LOVE his name! Also his namesake :)

    And on a side note - my husband heard the "Christian version" of Love Shack on the radio the other day and it freaked us both out a little. "God shack" - no lie.

  6. So glad the world is catching on to my school colors-Burnt Orange! It's a secret we've known about for a while now...


    I am a big fan of rust. (Burnt orange, pumkin, whatever) I personally think it just screams fall! I love seasonally appropriate colors and the ones you picked out are some good ones missy!

    Have a fabulous weekend!


  8. Precious pup! Congrats on the new addition.
    I am going to branch out and try that color. I have never worn that color but I know that I am going to have to buy new lipstick if I wear it.

  9. Besides loving the rust, I just need to say...I am sooo glad and happy for you that you adopted Mr Cash!! That is so awesome!

  10. Holla!! Love that name!! ;) Cash and blogs just seem to be my thing.

  11. First off, Cash is ADORABLE!!!

    I love the wedges though (and Love Shack is on our 'to play' wedding list lol)

  12. Hi Leslie! Thanks for posting! I get so many great ideas from your blog. I really like those shoes, and the first two sweaters!

    And that is so sad that someone would just leave Cash out in the rain. So glad you took him in!

    Hope you have a great day!


  13. Gorgeous! Love all of those rust picks. A lot of them will probably work for UT fans, hmmm

  14. I LOVE that color!!!
    Looks like a burnt orange...
    And your hubby is SO sweet!!! Aw, the romance never has to die - the key is finding the sweety who wants to make it work forever and ever!
    And that pup is so cute :) You guys are amazing for taking him in!

  15. Oh I never knew I liked this color until now! Gorgeous roundup. I must try that Essie polish! xx

  16. I just added two new rust pieces to my wardrobe! LOVE this pretty color! :) SO happy to see this post...that means I did good :) HUGS

  17. Love that color! And congratulations on the new addition!

  18. LOVE the color rust this season!!! And LOVE your new puppy!!! Aww, adorable. My family has 2 German Shepherds and they are the best dogs. Find a great single guy like your hubby and send him my way! ;)

  19. I applaud you for taking Cash in as a new family member. Nothing could make me happier in reading all my blogs that I follow cept yours! :)

  20. oh my goodness.. I am SO in love with those wedged heals! amazing. wedges are SO comfortable too.. fashionable&comfortable= best!

  21. I wore Deborah Lippmann this week and it was gorgeous! Here's my swatch:

    Your blog is so fun! I have enjoyed reading about your wedding!

  22. Love that color and your blog!


  23. You are a girl after my own heart.... rust color inspiration AND a puppy named Cash [we want to name our 2nd pup that to go with our first pup named June [after June Carter Cash]. :)


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