Trend Watch Wednesday: {Boot Camp}

Oh boots, how much do I love thee?

I could go on for days about my love affair with the boot. Oh, who are we kidding, I could go on for days about my love affair with footwear in general. But y'all....seriously....this season's shoe styles are really doing some damage to my wallet.

I can't get enough of the riding boot lately and have worn them practically every day since the temps dropped down to near freezing temps in Arkansas, like the frigid 82 we experienced here yesterday. These little lovey dovies from Frye are darn near perfect. I think they'd be real cute sittin' in my closet, no?

Melissa Button Boot by Frye in Cognac

M'kay, so I flat out refuse to partake in the viewing of the Footloose remake starring that chick from DWTS, BUT....BUT...I do love her boots from the still shots of the movie I've seen on Style.com. Allow me to introduce you to the Taylor Harness boot by Frye. Werd on the street is that girl got to keep ALL of the boots she wore on set. So jeal, so jeal.

Frye Taylor Harness Pull On Boot in Smoke Leather

Maria Sharapova plays tennis, struts her stuff for Nikon and now, apparently, designs boots. Meet the Air Buckle boot by MS for Cole Haan. Holla!

Air Buckle Boot by Maria Sharapova for Cole Haan

Oh, Stevie Madden, how your boots entice me so...Our boy Steve has done it again with his aptly named Intyce boot, just in time for fall. Lurvely.

Intyce by Steve Madden

These cute little Banya booties by Dolce Vita are too presh for words, what with their little bow on the back. Get thee to Piperlime and buy them up before they're gone!

Banya Boot by DV Dolce Vita

Jessica Simpson's Tustiny boots are the prime example of how a stacked boot should be done. Kudos to Miss Simpson for her good taste and fab design team.

Tustiny Boot by Jessica Simpson in Tan Leather

It's so tempting to buy up all of these beautiful boots, however, I'm trying to exercise self-control with sartorial spending lately....


...REALLY trying...

...Yep, still trying....

Eh, screw it. Where's my debit card?!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. i have this itch to spend my lifesavings on boots now... should get me about 3 pairs :)!! LOVE all your choices. I love that its boot wearing weather even more! - Sarah

  2. I love boots! Frye has the best selection!

  3. I promised myself I wasn't going to go crazy buying boots this fall and 3 pairs later, I've decided to just stay away from all stores and websites so I don't tempt myself.
    I LOVE those little booties with the bows on the back!

  4. Dear Mrs. Blonde Ambition,

    My closet and feet love you! My debit card does not!

    Love (kinda),

  5. I love the Maria Sharapova boot! Must. Buy. Today.

  6. Sharipova has a boot line. Who knew? I just bought two pairs of boots last week. Hey, I gotta do my fall shopping. I'm a big fan of some of the ones Aldo has out.

  7. love those jessica simpson boots. i am such a sucker for any kind of boots though!

  8. My closest work buddy wears the brown Intyce by Steve Madden all the time and I WANT them!

  9. I NEED the gorgeous booties with the bow!

  10. Umm I LOVE those Steve Madden boots! I have a boot fetish myself! I forget that I have some sometimes when they get pushed to the back of my closet! I'm glad to know that you wear your boots in our freezing cold weather in AR too ;)

  11. I have the Frye Melissa boots and they're literally the most perfect pair of boots ever. They go with anything, work for anything, perfect color, all of it. I'm obsessed and would buy them again in a heartbeat.

  12. I am loving all the boots you posted! My calves have recently gotten massive so I cant wear any of the tall boots I have so I have been wearing booties constantly. I just bought the DV ones you posted and love them.


  13. I am DYING for a pair of frye boots... LOVE all the ones you featured. xoxo

  14. Adorable! I too am obsessed with boots when fall comes around. I have the Intyce by Steve Madden boots in brown and LOVE them! I got them last year and wear them as often as I can :)

  15. Im in LOVE with those gold studded booties!

  16. the intyce are classics he brings back every year and every year i LUST after them. Sadly, they do not fit my calves :( goodness i do love boots!

  17. I REALLY want a pair of Frye boots, like really, really, really!

  18. Love the brown Frye boots & those black Steve Madden's! I've been on the hunt for the perfect flat black boots!


  19. Good for you for having control, but I sure didn't! Just bought those tan boots by JSimps! Thanks for introducing those to me!! xoxo

  20. Wow totally loved it i'm a great fan of Frye Boots, I'm Boot fetish and i own a huge collection.


  21. Thank you for the comment about the new footloose... I can't bring myself to watch it. Maybe later... but I really get bummed about remakes, and the fact that my youth is suddenly considered "classic" now I know how my parents felt when I called their music "classic" in the 80's. OYE! That being said totes love those boots!


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