Pink for a Purpose

I originally had planned to post this next week, but yesterday, beautiful E! News anchor Guiliana Rancic announced that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer and I felt so compelled to just go ahead with it. In the past few years, so many celebs (Christina Applegate, Sheryl Crow, Kylie Minogue, etc.) have bravely come forward to tell about their personal fights with breast cancer which has raised so much awareness for the cause.

Some of you may even remember me posting about a friend from high school who dealt with her own fight last year when she was diagnosed at the age of only 26! She is in remission now from what I hear and doing wonderfully.

I say all of this to reiterate how no woman, no matter the age or race, is immune to this awful disease. Lord willing, none of us will never have to experience breast cancer firsthand and hopefully there is a cure on the horizon. BUT in the meantime, there are some terrific ways (other than the Komen races, which are also amazing) that anyone can help in raising money for breast cancer research. Just by purchasing some products!

1. Sephora PINK eyelash curler; 2.Sultra 'The Bombshell' Curling Iron ; 3. Bobbi Brown Pink Ribbon Collection Lip Color 4. Clarisonic BCA Set

One of my favorite parts of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the NFL support! I love that the cheerleaders and football players of the major NFL teams are bustin' out the pink to show support for those in the fight against breast cancer.

They even have some of their own merchandise available for purchase, in which proceeds go to BC research.

1. Reebok Breast Cancer Awareness Tri-blend T-shirt ; 2.  Wilson Breast Cancer Awareness Official Size Football; 
 3. Reebok New Orleans Saints Drew Brees Fashion Jersey

Are you showing your support by wearing pink this month?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I wear my ribbon every day this month. My mom died of Breast Cancer in 1995. I was only 13 yrs old. back in that time, having an immediate parent die of this was unheard of. UNHEARD.....a grandparent maybe, but not your own mom! I am getting my first mamogram this month and I'm only 29 (gyo's orders) I'm pretty scared. I've never had one and I feel like I'm to young to do it.

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  3. Absolutely LOVED this post. As the daughter of a breast cancer surviving mama and a throat cancer surviving dad, and a staff member of the American Cancer Society, I can't thank you enough for the awareness you are raising of such a deadly disease. Cancer just plain sucks.

    Unfortunately, I work to help women of all ages diagnosed with breast cancer everyday, and cancer really knows no age or limit. The more awareness raised and screenings done, the better detection of early staged cancer and lives saved.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you are doing! There is a cure out there, and we're one step closer each and everyday!

  4. I love this post! I did my own pink post a couple weeks ago. Hopefully this idea will continue to spread through the blogging world!


  5. Thank you for posting this. It was four years ago this month that my mom had her own battle with breast cancer and won. I just had my first mammogram two months ago. It is not at all fun but worth it. Go everyone and get checked!

  6. I just bought the Drew Brees breast cancer jersey about 2 weeks ago. I wore it this past week, but unfortunately it didn't bring the boys luck.

    Anyway, in May, I was diagnosed with a blood disorder and my treatments are at the local cancer center. It really opens up your eyes to just how sad this disease is.

    My grandfather died from multiple cancers.

    Thank you for writing this post (and sorry it's so long)!

  7. Poor Giuliana :( I was so sad yesterday morning when I found out. She is my favorite!! But on a happier note, isn't it awesome how easy it is to support the cause??just like you, I LOVE the football support!! Makes me smile. Even our MS State team had on pink Saturday!!

  8. i loveeee all the football players in pink. so, so much.

  9. I also dedicated a post to cancer awareness because of Giuliana's news. My mom is a 3 time cancer survivor (one of them being breast cancer).

    The Packers game I went to the other week was the first week of wearing pink and we all got pink towels from Kohls :) I always wear my pink and do what I can to donate.

    I plan on making a button for my blog that links to Stand Up For Cancer. It's something I'm proud to endorse and hope others do the sasme.


  10. My heart is still sad about Guiliana's diagnoses. She is seriously so strong and inspiring. We sold pink ribbons at work Friday and I bought one. I love all the pink the NFL is sporting as well. Not to mention pink is my fave color! Great post :)

  11. I wish all the NFL players wore pink. It's easier though to spot the jerks who don't.

  12. I think it's so wonderful that it seems that EVERYONE is getting behind the pink!!! So important to raise awareness and money to find a cure to this awful awful cancer :(
    Thanks for posting this Leslie... I am willing to bet everyone knows someone that battled this.

  13. Love all the pink NFL gear! Such a great cause.

    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  14. So awesome that you and so many others are raising awareness about breast cancer.

    I have wanted a clampless curling iron for awhile now! Even better reason to get one, so I can support a great cause! (and the pink is a bonus)


  15. Boo just bought a yellow clarisonic.....

    Make sure to enter my faaaabulous {seriously} $120 DahliaLynn necklace giveaway. It ends Friday (link below)!!!





  16. I love this post! I just had a cervical cancer scare and breast cancer is in my genes so I am super supportive and I rock tons of pink during October!

    <3 Amanda

  17. I love this post! it is important to raise awareness and that's exactly what you did here! Love it :)


    Fashion Fractions

  18. I had no idea Guliana announced that! I love her and Bill! It really makes you realize you never know who it could happen to..- Alyssa

  19. I show my pink by wearing my pink and saving to yopalit tops. :) Thanks so much for writing this post though. It was a great reminder to me about what products support Breast Cancer Awareness and who I should be thinking of this month-the survivors!

  20. I love it when everyone always shows their support!!


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