Personal Styling: {You Asked, I Answered}

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Fifty percent of the emails I get on a daily basis are in regards to personal styling. I do personal styling as a side job and LOVE it! I’ve styled my friends and family for years, but never did it for others (or for money, haha) until last year when a photographer asked me to help style a shoot for a store ad. For starters, let me say, I'm not delusional in thinking that I'm the best dressed person in the room all the time. I'm on a working girl budget and don't have access to couture clothes (shortage of those in AR - ha!) I’m no Rachel Zoe by any stretch of the imagination, BUT I will say that I love to shop and have styled girls with every budget, body type and personal taste under the sun.

A few months ago, I got emails asking if I could “virtually” assist a girl with styling her outfits for a new job. Thus, the e.Style session was born. This session is done entirely online and is PERFECT for my clients outside of the Northwest Arkansas region.

I don’t want to sound like Miss America, but I really do think that every single woman, no matter if she’s a size 2 or size 28 DESERVES to look and feel her best. I also don’t believe that she needs a million dollar salary to afford to look her best. Most of the clients I take on have excellent taste, but just need some help defining their personal style. I also get lots of new moms that are looking to get their groove back – my fav!! Other women have gone through major life changes and want to revamp their look to match their new lifestyle. Whatever the case, I don’t turn anyone down, no matter the budget, size, or reason for seeking some assistance with styling their clothes.

Here are a few of the most common questions that I receive about personal styling:

1. When will you be starting the e.Style sessions back up again? A few of y’all have emailed about e.Style consultations and when I’m going to be starting back up with those. Welp, I’m officially back open for business! It was nice to take a couple of weeks off, but I’m ready to get to styling again : ) So, if you’re interested in an e.Style OR an in-person styling session, shoot an email to: askblondeambition{at}gmail{dot}com and include the words “Style Me” in the subject line. The e.Styles especially tend to book up really fast, so I’d recommend emailing pretty soon if you think you might be interested.

2. Do you have gift cards? Oui, mademoiselles! I have gift certificates, so if you’re reading this and think this would be a great birthday present for your man to get for you (haha!) send him here : )

3. Could you do a group styling session, like maybe style a bunch of my friends and I? Yep, again! I’ve gotten emails inquiring about if I do group style sessions and YES, I do! They’re super fun for bachelorette parties or girls nights out. Email me for pricing and more info : )

4. Do you do hair and make-up styling? I'm by no means a hair or make-up pro. I think the extent of that sort of styling will be done in the rare how-to video blog on here, haha. Per request of a few of y'all, I'll be doing a "how I do my make-up" picture tutorial soon, hopefully : )

If y'all have more questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an email! askblondeambition{at}gmail{dot}com

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. What a fun little side biz you had going! Just you wait - maybe one day God will make it to where you can do it full time! Its a talent for sure :)

  2. I think it's so awesome that you do this! I am not a fashionable person at all and I have just decided to embrace that :) I try to look nice and presentable obviously, but God did not bless me with the eye/brain power to place outfits together.

    You've got skills missy! Glad you're using them in such a great way b/c I completely agree that no matter the size, age, budget, we girls should ALWAYS feel beautiful.

  3. very exciting. question...how do you do e.styling? what does that entail?

  4. How fun!! Sounds like a great time. Oh what I would do to actually work with rachel zoe! That woman is amazing.

  5. I agree with Lindsay's question up there...tell us more about it! I wanna hear some details, girl. Oh, and I totally think you should just start doing an Outfit of the Day post for all of us..because we all know you are allllways looking fab. Happy Thursday, Mrs. Sitsi!

  6. You definitely are so stylish! I will be looking forward to your makeup videos!

  7. This is so awesome that you do this! The Closet Edit is such a good idea! And would be the best gift ever! ha!

  8. i found your blog yesterday through a random series of events and I just have to gush..

    I LOVE IT!!

    and i usually don't capitalize anything so that is some serious love there. i think you are the bees knees! i hope one day i will have some big fancy schmancy event to attend where i can make use of your services! :)

  9. What an awesome service you provide! I bet all of those girls feel so thankful and blessed to have had such a doll for a stylist!

    Super looking forward to make-up tips/advice - I'm sooo not great in that department! ;)

  10. You are PERFECT for this job!!
    I need to save a bunch of money so I can get you to help me! Trust me... I NEED help!!
    Good for you for doing what you love :)

  11. styling does look like a lot of fun! that is so great that you can help style other ppl and find clothes that fit their body!


  12. I didn't know that you did styling! How awesome! My mom and I have talked about me doing that now that I've moved back to my hometown, but I don't know that people would actually be willing to pay. It would be so fun to help people though!

  13. THAT IS SO AWESOME THAT YOU DO STYLING! I had no idea... and what a great way to meet people, make money and make people feel sabout themselves... all while you are loving it! So exciting! I am telling the hubs about your e-styling sessions for a gift card ;)

    XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

  14. Still watching for that video tutorial for the shorter hair pouf!!

  15. Seriously. I'd love to be as cute and as talented as you. Le sigh.


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