How Can I Wear...? {Fur Edition}

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It's time for a fun, new series on 'ye olden blog called "How Can I Wear...?" I get eleventy hundred questions per week about how we average, non-Parisian, larger than a size 00, working class peeps can sport trends without looking like a hot mess.

It's tricky, that trend wearing business. And if you don't tred carefully, you'll end up looking like a third Olsen twin. Which I guess would make y'all the Olsen triplets...

I'm guilty of over-trending myself - it's true. Like, I know I've over styled myself when I walk out of the bedroom wearing some get-up that I've spent an hour accessorizing, only to look up at Stephen's face and see nothing but utter perplexion, his eyes as big as saucers. Example:


S - "Um, is that a new (insert questionable item(s) of clothing here)?"

Me - "Yeah! Don't you think it looks just like something Olivia Palermo would wear?"

S - "Who's Olivia Palermo? Do you work with her?"

Me- "No."

S- "It's....um...nice. And complicated looking!"


This is a boy's way of insinuating you've completely outdone yourself - and not in a good way. It's his way of saying, "What the Hells Angels do you think you're wearing?"

To avoid future conversations, like the made-up convo above, I'm thinking that together you sweet readers and I can help each other out by sharing ways in which we wear trends without looking like fashion mishaps.

Up first? Fur, dah-ling!

I have five ways that I love to sport fur, one of the hottest trends of fall 2011: With a Maxi dress, as a vest, as a jacket or cropped coat, as an embellishment (like a collar) and as an accent (like a scarf).

If you're pretty ready to jump feet furst (haha, furst, get it?), then proceed to jacket and coat wearing. If you're semi-ready to try fur, sample a vest. If you're terrified of the fuzzy stuff, go for a fur collar or fur scarf.

Fur with...a maxi dress!

This is a super chic and uber-2011 way to wear fur. Lots of fashionistas are pairing fur vests and cropped fur jackets with the maxi dress for a casual autumn look. This way of sporting the fuzz is definitely for the more daring, edgy girl...so proceed if you're looking to up the ante of your fall style significantly!

Fur as...a jacket!

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Like, duh. This isn't new or cutting edge, but a great fur jacket in a chic animal print like leopard is a super stylish and classic way to wear fur. Look for of-the-moment cropped styles and make sure to give your fur jacket the "pet" test before purchasing it. What's the pet test? Vigorously rub the coat with the palm of your hand...did a handful of the fur come flying off? If so, it's cheaply made and you should put it back on the rack STAT!

Fur as...an embellishment!

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For those of you just starting out with fur, try buying a sweater or cardigan with fur lapels, or even boots with a fur cuff at the top. It's an easy and understated way to rock the fuzzy stuff.

Fur as...a vest!


This is the most wearable, ageless way to wear fur. It looks sleek with skinny jeans and boots or paired with a sexy little black dress, tights and stilettos. Look for taupe and deep brown colors, which tend to look the most expensive and luxurious (and can also be paired with black or brown!)

Fur as...a scarf!

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So cute, so luxe, so WARM. A fur scarf or stole is perfection this season, especially for that tricky fall to winter transition time in December/January.

I could go on about this look furrever (ok, I'll stop with the cutesy word play stuff), but this post is already too long. So tell me ladies...how do you wear your fur? As an accessory? As a focal point of your outfit? Do tell!

*A Blonde Ambition is proud to only promote faux fur. Be kind to our cute little animals and geaux faux!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. i have a fur coat that belonged to my mom. but i dont think i could ever pull it off. i also have a fur hat that's pretty stylish and might have to be worn at some point this winter.

    unfortunately the coat is real fox fur...
    i'm not sure if the hat is.
    i guess i could always be cruella devil for halloween.

    great post. great pictures.

  2. thanks so much for the fur tutorial! :) i have a *new* fur vest (grey) and i was having a bit of trouble figuring out what to do with it. :) thanks so much! ps. MORE WEDDING PICS PLEASE!!!

  3. Love this guide! I haven't purchased any fur (faux of course) yet this season, but have my eye on a fur collared trench coat. Love love love this trend! It can make any outfit look so glam!

  4. I am dying over the brown tweed jacket with fur scarf! Love it! Fun post as usual :)

  5. I'm on the prowl for a fur vest (hee hee). No really, I do like fur and I will admit I like the real stuff. However, I like vintage fur. In my little head it's okay to wear the vintage stuff because it was created before they really knew better. The vintage furs usually have the woman's monogram sewn in them and can be found at thrift stores or vintage stores. I own one fur shawl I picked up in NYC at a vintage store and I wear it as a focal point. Usually with a black or cream plain top and jeans, or over a black sweater dress. I will say there are some great faux fur pieces out right now so I might go that route for the vest.

  6. I have a fur vest!! It's greyish with a little brown.. I can't wait to wear it. Thanks for the tips :)

  7. I have a jacket very similar to the cheetah one above. I keep it sooooo simple when I wear otherwise you run the risk of looking like a hooker, unless that's the look you're going for.

  8. I'm not sure about the fur trend.... I think it'll have to grow on me. But I'm SURE you and your almost 00 size looks adorable in anything!

  9. Your conversation with Stephen sounds familiar ;), my husband sounds alot like him. I was flipping through Real Simple Magazine showing him outfits I like and asking his opinion- it's funny how our taste differs so much! Luckily he told me he likes how I dress most of the time, I think his wording was along the lines of "it doesn't look like you are trying too hard but you look nice". I can appreciate that.

  10. I laughed so hard at your fake convo. Haha. :) This post was precious and I loved it. It was so creative and gave great fashion tips too.

    I heart your blog. <3

  11. Oh, I love that leopard coat!


  12. I'm not as bold as others. But i love fur on the collar on on the boots!

  13. Love the ideas! I'm about jump on the faux fur trend, perfect timing! :)

  14. Bought my first faux fur collar last year in Denmark! Could totally sport it there without looking like a crazy person, but if the trend is in the States now that's awesome! It's definitely a good one.

    Also, those pictures, via Pinterest ... the fur lapel and vest ... that's Sydney from The Daybook! Maybe you knew that? If not, she's super cute, great blog too: http://www.thedaybookblog.com/

  15. I have a faux fur vest sitting at my parents from two years ago and I CANT WAIT to wear it!!!!

  16. I *wish* I could pull off that look but I have a feeling I would look ridiculous. I might just have to give it a try though!!

  17. I am lovingggg fur this season! I want to try out the fur as a vest look, I think its so classy and stylish! LOVE your blog! Also your wedding pictures were gorgeous!!

  18. I don't know if I could personally pull fur off, but I Love it as a vest best! Excited about this new series. And you my dear, look 00, so you could pull ANY look off!

  19. I was in Macy's the other day and they have a ton of fur jackets, vests, coats.. you name it, they've got it!


What'cha got?