Recent Pin-spiration

So ok, some of y'all have asked if I have a Pinterest.

Short answer - nope.

Long answer - I applied for an invite last Monday and apparently have been added to their waiting list - what tha?? Maybe this was their nice way of saying, "We think you're great and all, but we really just see you as a friend..."

In other words, I think Pinterest has commitment issues and doesn't want to solidify any kind of relationship with me.

Can it be? Is Pinterest just not that into me?

I guess my eye make-up tutorial video blog was too much for him.

Although I'm feeling a little burned, I still wanted to share some images that caught my eye this week:

1) Ok, the bob. I've got a personal love/hate/lukewarm relationship with the bob. I've had one before, many years ago before I discovered that it made my face look ginormous. I've seen so any chicas who look presh with the bob and I'm immediately jealous of their ability to wear short hair.

At times, I'm tempted to run out and chop off my hair and go all bob-like. At other times, I'm really happy when I feel my hair touch the middle of my back. (You see, I'm really shallow) In the end, we all know I don't have the nerve to chop the hair-ski. BUT if any of you have more rocks than me and are thinking of cutting your hair short - PUH-LEAZE get the haircut above- kthanksbye.

2) I've never consider striped curtains, but maybe I am now after seeing the below pic. It's a little jailhouse-rock-meets-rugby-shirt, but I still love it. Stripes are "in" this fall, after all...

3) I never knew I needed a feather ring until I the one below. Now, it seems as though my life is incomplete...

4) Hi, my name is Lottsa Neckla Says and I'm awesome.

5) It seems that I'm unable to get enough leopard print this season. This skirt did not help my fettish. One. Bit.

6) Pin-heads, I know y'all have seen these, but I still can't get over how chic Erika's Black Matte/Patent nails are! Holy OPI !

I'm gonna play hard to get and see if that ploy works.

If Pinterest calls, just tell him I'm washing my hair...

P.S. - BREAKING NEWS...guess what I saw this morning after I had written this post. Obviously, Pinterest can read my mind. We're soulmates like that.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I'm so glad you're on. I was going to send you an invite. You just have to get an invite from a friend! Kori xoxo

  2. you will be addicted...I can't get enough of it!

  3. You have no idea what you're getting yourself into! I could pin for days and days and days...such a guilty little pleasure that pinterest :)

  4. Welcome to the pinning world! You will be addicted and you'll want to show your hubby everything! If he's anything like my bf, he'll me ready for you to delete the app off your phone! I have a tendency to want to show him things while in the car, and he then get frustrated when he can't look at it! haha! Love those black nails!!

  5. I have a "pixie cut" and LOVE having mega-short hair...I looked at that picture of the "short style" you posted and laughed at first...but wasn't thinking that for you & people with long hair that IS short!!! Also...there are plenty of girls, myself included, that wish they could have long hair....If I had hair as long as yours, I'd look awful!! (: I will say...it's just hair though...so you should go for it someday!

  6. I remember when I signed up it was less than 24 hours before I was "in". I'll have to look you up!!

  7. let me know if you need an invite. its all in who you know:)

  8. I love love LOVE Pinterest! I can't get enough of it, and I've actually found some cute decorating ideas... not to mention some delicious recipes!

    Have a good weekend!


  9. You are hilarious! And stylish! I love it. Let us know when you get it all set up so we can stalk.. er.. follow you there too! :)

  10. I love your pins, and I actually saw the striped curtains somewhere else and LOVED them!

    And I really like the nail polish, I wonder if you can do the same idea in a different color?

    I don't have a pinterest, I'm not sure if I want to. Is there anything you can do that you can't do without an account- I've "browsed" some pictures on there but that's about it. A waiting list? That's weird that you can't just log into the site right away.

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!



  11. Pinterest must have been busy while we were all sleeping because I just got my invite at 4 this morning.

  12. Just want to warn you because no one warned me....clicking "see more pins" will be the death of you! It has almost "killed" me more than once! Hahahaha! Make sure to put up the "Follow me on Pinterest" button on your blog - mine is up if you want to follow me! Happy Pinning :)

  13. um get ready because Pinterest is going to take over your life. I force myself to stay off of it because I will get sucked in for hours. I'm been Pinning MIA lately, but started to pick back up this week. I need to find some decor inspiration for my new house, so I see many hours of pinning in my near future.

    Enjoy it! And I'm def feeling the striped curtains.

  14. Love the nails & leopard skirt!!!

    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  15. it will not disappoint! So glad you got your invite! It's amazing! :)

  16. Pinterest is addicting!! I love those striped curtains!!


  17. Welcome to the (truly addicting) club that is Pinterest! First and foremost, the site got me hooked on striped curtains as well. Adds some much needed fun to a room. I had not seen those nails, and in the words of Rachel Zoe, I die, and need them immediately. And question for you, how did you edit the picture with the emails--love that so you don't have to show everything!

  18. yes pinterst is possibly the greatest invention ever. and i'm mad i didnt think of it first. You'll be spending hours and hours on it if your anything like me. great ready for the day when pinterst is your go to website.

  19. I am also loving leopard print! I've purchased a clutch, shirt, and a scarf. You will LOVE Pinterest!

  20. ha! I'm glad you're in! I am still learning it b/c I have no idea how to find anyone. They find me and I re-follow. Lame. Sooo I am going to try to find you after I comment and see how it goes. :) And I totally got that same urge to cut my hair and did it! LOVE it! I, too, loved the way my long hair felt on my back, but I was ready for a change. My advice- if you go for a change, emphasize the word LONG in "long bob." If I go too short, I feel like it makes my face look large, too. But, the long bob=way to go. I can still wear it up and everything! But it doesnt look like that awkward length, either. You know what I mean.. that "am I long or short haired" length.. haha..

  21. girl you could rock that haircut!

  22. You will be so addicted to Pinterest! I hate that I got into it right after my wedding. It's perfect for planning parties, getting decorating ideas...etc. You will love! :)

  23. Yay so glad you go on Pinterest - yeah they made me wait too and that was a long time ago so no worries. Love all of your inspiring pics! :) Love the haircut, but glad you decided to keep your long locks. I'm currently growing my hair back.


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