Wedding Candids: Part 1 of 2,349

As I promised yesterday, today I'll show y'all a few candid shots from the wedding reception. There were WAY too many to put into one post, so I'll have to divide them up amongst several posts. At the rate it's going, I'll be posting wedding pics 'til kingdom come...

Keep in mind, THESE ARE NOT OUR PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS. My Aunt Dorothy was kind enough to snap lots of pics for us though and she did a great job! 
My Great Aunt Rose and Great Uncle Kenneth

Badgley Mischka in the house!

My maternal Grandma and Grandad

Our last dance! (I changed into a shorter dress for our last dance and exit)

Lauren and Ryan!

Great Aunt Ella, Great Aunt Dorothy, Me, Mom, Grandma and Great Aunt Rose

Lauren (my brother's girlfriend) and Matthew (my brother)

Watch out girls! He's a college man now!
Father/Daughter dance

Me and my Matron of Honor, Sarah

Dancin' it up with my new hubby!

My paternal grandparents, Memaw and Papaw

My Parents

My cousin Ryan, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Jeff from Los Angeles! They came a long way for the wedding!

Our sweetheart table...an Italian tradition!

Happily Ever After!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. What lovely photos, congrats! Can't wait to see the rest :)

  2. Your cake is gorgeous. And so are you! Your dress is so pretty.

  3. Your dress is AMAZING!!! oh my goodness! gorgeous!!

  4. everything looks beautiful and everyone seems to be so happy and having a good time! love it!

  5. Beautiful!!!! Cannot wait for post 2 of 2,349!!! :-)
    You look amazing!

  6. You looked beautiful and so very happy! Congrats!

  7. Such gorgeous pictures. You look stunning!

  8. I just LOVE the pictures!!!!
    I love your dress, love your cake, love everything!!
    And your hubby isn't too shabby either ;)
    I can't wait to see more more more! And professionals! AH! Love it!

  9. Congratulations! Beautiful bride and from the looks of it, fantastic reception!

  10. Your dress fit you perfect. You looked beautiful! Those shoes are hot! Excellent job on your makeup.
    You are a nice looking couple. Congrats! Looking forward to more pics!

  11. Such a gorgeous dress and I LOVE your hair. Congrats.

  12. Beautiful!!! You both looked stunning!

  13. These are great! You look so pretty. I can't wait to see more. Sometimes candid pictures are the best kind!

  14. Your family is so cute :)

    I LOVE your earrings and the picture of you dancing!

  15. I love love love this! I cant wait to see more! You guys look so happy.. and wow did you make a stunning bride!

  16. beautiful. looks like you guys had lots of fun!

    i wanna see pics of the dress you left in. the top looked super cute and chic!

  17. You are one of the prettiest brides ever!!! Such a great looking couple! Your wedding looked like a great time too.

  18. You look sooo amazing!!! I love your cake!

  19. Your dress is SO lovely!!! What fun. You know what is SO funny during my wedding my father kept saying "You can go change if you need to." and I would say "Dad I didn't purchase a 2nd dress".. then he'd say "Well you can go put on jeans." [My guess is that he wanted me to be comfortable since he thought my dress seemed heavy]... bottom line I wish I would have gotten a mid reception dress - but I wasn't taking that thing off early I only get to wear it 1 time in my life! :)


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