Our Birthday Date Night & Other Ramblings

Hey y'all! Welp, looks like we all survived Monday! That's typically my least favorite day of the week, but yesterday was wonderfully different.

I woke up not feeling well at all and got scared that the fun date night I'd planned for Stephen's 27th birthday might not get to happen. However, by late afternoon I was feeling much better and ready to spend a fun night with my husband!

I seriously never get tired of saying that word, "husband" : )

Boots from Belle Boutique (a local store), Dress from Francesca's last year, necklace from Belle Boutique, Earrings??

Anywho, we went to our favorite restaurant Bonefish and then went to see Moneyball with Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill. Y'all HAVE to see this movie...simply amazing. I'll be shocked if Brad's performance doesn't get him an Oscar nod.

In other movie news, I am so excited to see Anonymous, the movie about William Shakespeare and a possible cover-up related to his writings. As a former English major and all around nerd, I'm awaiting this flick with bated breath!

Finally, after much thought given to the cute bob I posted in Friday's Pin-spiration post, I've decided to keep my long hair, (shocker, right?) I just think I'd regret it severely if I chopped my locks. However, I'm still of the belief that the bob featured in that post is the cutest flipping haircut ever. So yeah, someone do this and send me pics so that I can live vicariously through you, m'kay? : )

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Super cute dress! I LOVE francescas. You guys are so cute! I bet its fun to say husband all the time :)

  2. i still love to say husband after 1.5 yrs married to mine :) i think you made a good decision about your hair. while the bob is so cute! its hard to achieve different looks with short hair.

  3. Good call, do NOT cut your hair. I on the other hand need to get a trim like woah. My hair is seriously below my boobs. It's out of control, but I'm too busy for a haircut. Sad!

    oh and Happy Birthday to your HUSBAND.

  4. I LOVE those boots! I love that outfit in genernal. I'm in the process of trying to plan something for my man's birthday on November 2nd and I'm having no luck! Ugh! Have a good day!


  5. LOVE the dress Leslie!
    Glad you were feeling better so you and your HUSBAND could go out and celebrate! I'm not a huge Brad Pitt fan but I can't wait to see that movie!!

    Happy Tuesday!


  6. Cute post sweetie! I love your hair long! I cut mine to a bob over a year ago, totally regretted it and am still growing it out!!

    XO - Jami
    Imagine Design Blog

  7. Love the outfit and love the choice to keep the long hair :) Glad you're feeling okay!

  8. I've been wanting to see Moneyball...glad to hear it's good!

  9. My husband (love that word too!) and I went to see a movie last night and chose to see Ides of March over Moneyball. After the movie, I wish we would have seen Moneyball. The new Shakespeare movie looks great!!!

  10. Love love love the outfit!! My fiancé will be glad to hear that moneyball was good...he has been wanting to see it :) and I def can't wait to call him husband!

  11. I LOVE your outfit! It's so cute! And your hair is beautiful the way it is! I can't wait until the day I get to call my fiance my husband. I don't think it will ever be something I grow tired of :)

    Hope you have a great day!



  12. seriously-your hair looks perfect every time! Love your boots, too!

    SO glad to hear Moneyball was good...I'm reading the book next month for work so I was hoping it was el-lame-o. ;)

  13. Glad you started feeling better and that you guys could get to celebrate his Birthday!

  14. Love your dress! I saw Moneyball a couple of weeks ago.. I loved it!

  15. Glad you had a nice date night and cute cute outfit - love the boots too! I saw Moneyball a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it! I didn't think I would like it and then BK and I loved it!!


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