Confessional Friday: {Link-Up}

Friday is upon us once again, ladies. Let's confess, shall we?

1) I confess that I seriously love each and every one of the amazing local merchants with which I'm blessed to get to work. So many of them have been extraordinarily supportive of this little blog. There are so many exciting things coming down the pipe, including a special Shop Local post series I'll be doing. Shopping locally is one of the finest ways to give back to your community, so get on it girls!

2) I confess that I'm beside myself for NCAA football season! It's coming, y'all. Can you feel it?! Gooooooo Hogs and Woo Pig Sooie!

3) I confess that I've found myself on Team Chloe on Dance Moms lately. Not embarrassed about that, so much as I'm embarrassed that I'm taking sides in a competition between two nine-year-old girls. #NeedToFindANewHobby

4) I confess that I made a pact with myself last weekend that each week, Monday through Friday, I'd only eat healthy food. Know what tomorrow is? Saturday. And I'll be treating myself to a gigantic piece of cheesecake (or five) from Fred's Hickory Inn in Bentonville.

5) I confess that when I changed into my jammies last night, I found half of a Cheeze-It stuck in my bra. How it got there, I'll never know. Heavens to Brenda.

Now, your turn.

Y'all do me a favor and have yourselves a great weekend, m'kay?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Love your opening pic this week!

  2. Happy Friday! Have a nice weekend!


  3. Love me some #dancemoms and Chloe! She is a gorgeous, fierce dancer. No Shame.

  4. I am Team Chloe too! Although I just want to take little Mackenzie and put her in my pocket- she is so so so adorable!

  5. Your Cheez-It story cracked me up! I'm super ready for Football season ROLL TIDE! BUT... I'm not. See this time of year for me is spent putting together and designing football programs for all the local high schools around here. I do 3 different schools. My company produces about 6-7 different books all together. THANK GOODNESS we have three designers or I might tear my hair out. I have to prep myself for typing over and over and over "We love you and we are so proud of you love momma and daddy or nit nit and paw paw and pee paw ... oh it goes on and on. Otherwise I'm so ready to see the NCAA season this year!! :)

    Happy Weekend and enjoy that Cheesecake sister!

  6. My first thought on the Cheez-It was, "Saving it for later!" Haha! Happy Friday:)

  7. I too cannot wait for SEC football!!! GO VOLS!!

    I'm also on Team Chloe!! Can't wait for next week's show.

  8. I ate cheesecake for lunch and also found an Alphabit stuck in my office chair yesterday. Seems like we're on the same wavelength haha.

  9. Team Chloe here too! Maddie is a beautiful little dancer, but I just love Chloe's sweetness and humility. Plus Christie is way more fun to watch than Melissa.

  10. This is my first Friday doing the confessions link up - I really like it!

  11. I haven't found a cheeto in my bra before, but a piece of cheese from a dinner taco- oh yes.

    Lindsay @

  12. Love that plum top and gold necklace in your pic! You're too funny... a Cheez-It stuck in your bra!?
    Have a wonderful weekend yourself!

  13. oh girl, I am SOOO team chloe as well!!!


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