Celebrating Southern: {Gameday Attire}

There aren’t many things in life that excite us Southern girls quite as much as our SEC football! (But there are some things.) I mean, our dogs even get into it!

College football is practically a religion below the Mason-Dixon. Saturdays are dedicated in their entirety to Game Day. A typical day starts with tailgating. Tailgates in the South are fancy, to say the least. I remember visiting a friend in Oxford at Ole Miss and there was a chandelier in one of the tailgate tents…no lie. It was the most fabulous thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

But more than a perfect tailgate, a Southern belle loves to craft the perfect game day look. It’s almost a sport of its own!

Now there is nothing in the world that’s wrong with wearing jeans and a T-shirt to a football game – totes okay! To each her own. (And I’m sure there are ladies from other parts of the country that also enjoy dressing up for sporting events.) But in the South, women like to dress to the nines for football games, and I LOVE it. Little shift dresses, cute skinny jeans with fun tops, great heels…you name it, some Southern girl is wearing it to a game.

One of my favorite gameday apparel designers is a local girl, Fan Frocks. She takes regular old T-shirts and turns them into presh tube dresses and rompers. See this one she did last year? Beautimous! (The dress, not the model.)

Fan Frocks dress on moi!

I also really like TruColors Apparel for colorful basics with a twist of elegance.

JudithMarch makes some stellar dresses that are perfection for game day and also a popular choice amongst Arkansas girls.

Lots of Northwest Arkansas boutiques also cater to gameday goers. Savoir-Faire, Maude and Belle Boutique are just a few that have beautiful and stylish items that are perfect for a football tailgate.

Adorable blue number for all you Florida, Kentucky and Ole Miss girlies!

A more casual approach to gameday, this ensemble from Maude is adorable. 

I saw this dress at Red Dress Boutique and nearly died. I think it would be perfect on any girl whose team has black in their color palette.

This one…oh, this one. I need it. I want it. I will probably get it at some point.

How about these pieces from another Arkansas boutique (and new sponsor...eep!), The Rage? Precious, are they not?

I also love this dress, which I could totally see a Kentucky girl wearing to a game this season. Or Florida. Or Ole Miss! (Really anyone with blue in their team colors could pull this off at a game.)

So you see, we like to dress up for gamedays. I guess in the South, life is too short not to dress up. We wear our over-the-top-ness like a badge of honor 'round these parts. So whether you feel like rocking a shift dress or a maxi, channel your inner Southern gal next time you hit the football stadium. 

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. JudithMarch is also a favorite of south Georgia girls. She makes some fabulous game day dresses!

  2. your fan frocks dress is too cute! I wish I had something like that up north in jersey! xo


  3. I live in Athens!!!! If you ever need someone to go in Red Dress and "scout" items for you I'm your girl :)

  4. So cute! My momma went to Auburn and always used to say we get dressed up for game days because we're in God's country. :)

  5. I love how game day attire doesn't mean you have to sport a team shirt all day. Let's spruce it up a little ladies. Love it!

    Lindsay @

  6. Ooohh! One of your favorite times of the year is coming up! I'd prob take that cas ensemble approach but all the dresses are so cute. I love your strapless one.

  7. This link up party has been SO much fun. Today's was a blast to write about. I love all your choices and I'm really happy to see you think it's OK to sport jeans and a top to a game. I felt SO under dressed the last time I went to a game but I know next time if Just dress myself up a bit more, jeans are a-ok here in the South! ox

  8. Yay! So glad The Rage is a new sponsor! Her boutique is in my hometown and it is ADORABLE! I've bought my game day dresses there for the past couple years! Yay for the South and dressing up cute for SEC football! Woo Pig Soiee!

  9. I love that you included cute skinnies and shorts and cute top combos for game days! That is definitely my go to!

  10. I love reading your blog!!! I'm actually from the same town as The Rage. What a small world! :)

  11. Love the post! I wish there were some cute dress boutiques like that where I live. I order all my gameday dresses online which works too! Keep my site in mind next time you are searching for a cute gameday dress or accessories! www.gorgeousgameday.com

  12. Please come back to Oxford! I would love, love, love to meet you! Hotty toddy! Love this post and dressing up for the football games!

  13. love all the picks!!! maybe a little TQ for this year's selection??? lots of cute Gameday dresses

    Tailgate Queen


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