Monday Moodlifters

Hello, fair friends! How are y'all? I hope this past weekend was a great one for everybody. We spent the majority of the day yesterday lazing around and munching on terrible, calorie-laden snacks after church : )

Here are some things that are putting me in a much more pleasant mood today:

1) I found (and may have purchased) these super cute and SUPER cheap blazers on Ebay last week. So what if they're made in China and will fall apart after one wash? They looked adorable in a few Instagram pics of other ladies who had purchased them, so I thought "what the heck!" For 20 bones, you can have one (or five) of them, too.

2) This bikini top from Dorothy Perkins. I mean, how presh are these ruffles and this cutesy shade of pink?
3) Looking forward to fall fashions, which include leather pants...eep! I can't wait to buy a pair and wear them with a denim shirt and black kitten heels. Rawr!

via Atlantic-Pacific blog
4) This season of True Blood. Yes, it's crazy. Yes, it's ridiculous. I love it nonetheless.

5) Planning my outfits for our anniversary trip. I know it's not until mid-September, but it's never too early to plan what you'll pack. I plan to look fabulous whist in the Windy City : )

6) Realizing that we are just mere weeks away from the start of college football. Oh my, I can almost hear the Hog Call now...

I saw this and thought it was hilarious. Yes, we are ridiculous about our game get-ups around here.

What's lifting your mood this Monday?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Love that adorable blazer! Can't wait for football season either--and I'm just like you, I plan my packing list months in advance! :) Hope you have a fab Monday!

  2. Oh! I love the fall fashion too. Unfortunately we dont get fall in Florida, but I have a pair of leather looking pants from Express a few seasons ago I might have to break out. And we must share around the same anniversary date! And the weather is always nutty, so you have to have lots of options! :)

  3. Cute blazer! I got a pink one from F21, wore it once and ended up giving it to my sister. Bikini tops is adorable, too bad I would never make my boobies fit in it. ;) Leather pants? Yes, please. And come on football season!!

  4. you will look so cute in those blazers! anddd... I can't wait for SEC football! Go rebs!

  5. Those blazers are too cute and for such a great price! You will have to let us know if they fall apart of not??

    Lindsay @

  6. I think the pink blazer is just the cutest, and the price per wear isn't too bad if you do indeed get only one wear out of it :) Can't wait to see it!

  7. I've already began shopping for football season?? Is that bad?

  8. WEEKS FROM FOOTBALL!!!! EEE! I get excited and dread this time of year, every year. I look forward to the college ball, but I have to put together high school media guides for their football games here locally. SUCH an undertaking! BUT... I can't wait to root for the Tide (and the Hogs, you know I love 'em!)

  9. side note: About dressing up for games. I think I've become a Southern Girl at heart. I was home on vacation last week and we were supposed to go see an O's game. I found the perfect orange and black shirt with feathers/leaves design on it. Would have been SO perfect. I would have NEVER thought to wear a dressy shirt in team colors had it not been for my belle exposure! :)

  10. Love the bikini and also love dressing up for football games. Although it is very hard to find something cute you won't sweat through when it will be about 100 degrees at a 1 pm kickoff for the start of the season! Really enjoy the blog!



  11. Girl I can't even think about leather pants yet! My pits started to sweat just thinking about it. Love the pink suit though!

  12. I'm also excited - nay, ecstatic - about college football! Go Hokies :)

    And, I have also decided that leather pants are a must-own this fall. I think you should get some and wear 'em in Chi-town :)

    That pink blazer is fab...I want a lavender one!!

  13. I love Dorothy Perkins to no end! That website is dangerous for my wallet... ;)
    Looking forward to football season myself.
    I hope you have a fabulous week, Leslie!

  14. I seriously can't believe fall is right around the corner. However, I live it Texas so Fall doens't usually begin until December, so I sitll have a while to go! I love that bikini top, soo cute!


  15. Can you link to the seller on Ebay? :) And will you let us know how the sizes run when yours arrives?


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