Celebrating Southern: {Hair and Make-up Trends}

Welcome back from the weekend, chicas! I'm head-over-four-inch-heels excited for this week's blog link-up series. You see, for some time now I've wanted to do a post series dedicated to the South - the place where I call home and where I've grown up. I wanted to give non-Southerners incite into our lives; where we live, what we dress like, what we eat, etc.

To kick off the week, I thought we'd talk about hair and make-up trends.

The South is synonymous with all things beauty; big hair, pageants, make-up...the works! We Southern gals rarely leave the house without at least mascara and a little gloss. We also put a lot of time into our hair, even though the dadgum humidity nearly always rears its ugly head. We fight the good fight, one spritz of hair spray at a time, though.

The Hair

Long, Tousled Locks

Southern girls love to wear their hair on the longer side (myself included.) Blame Daisy Duke or Pricilla Presley, but we love the long n' sassy look.

I like to wear my hair in loose waves for a touchable, tousled look. 


Whether a Southern girl is blonde or brunette, chances are that she has some highlights or lowlights. Living below the Mason-Dixon requires a good hairstylist and a great colorist. Southern women guard their hair and their hairstylists like Fort Knox.

Highlights, baby!

Volume Vixens

Updos require at least a teeny hair poof. Side ponytails? Yep, we tease those too. Hair down? Like, duh! A great hair poof and some effortless volume are keys to having good hair 'round these parts.

Voluminous poofy pony. Done and done.

(I was going to also add the "top knot" to this list of hair trends, but I honestly think that's trendy everywhere right now, don't y'all?)

Le' Face

Big Lashes

Living in the South requires investing in a great mascara. Southern women are definitely familiar with the art of batting eyes, which begs for some serious lash goo. Eyelash extensions and false lashes are also super popular on special occasions here, just to add that extra "oomph".

Cheeks that Pop

Coral or peachy pink cheeks are standard in any belle's make-up routine. The South is known for being sunny and bright, which kind of carries over into make-up. A punch of color on the apples of the cheeks not only creates a beautiful glow, but also makes a lady's face appear less wrinkled and more youthful. I LOVE Nars blush in Angelika. It looks a little garish, but when applied, it's tres' magnifique!
Nars blush in Angelika

Pearly Whites

Did y'all read my teeth whitening review yesterday? Keeping a gleaming set of chompers is super important in the South. We smile. A lot. We're a warm and friendly region and we're constantly flashing our smiles, whether it be at the grocery store or in the office. I'm loving Rembrandt's entire whitening line right now, as it works fast and is really effective.

Sun Tan

Southern girls like a healthy glow. Granted sometimes it isn't achieved in the best ways (ahem, calling you tanning bed users out there). Mystic Tan is my personal spray tan of choice during non-summer months, but May through August I'm soaking up the real stuff, of course with my SPF 15. I also use this spray by Victoria's Secret YEAR ROUND to give my skin color a little pep.

Okay girls, tell me about hair and make-up trends in your region? Are they as involved as Southern trends or are y'all more carefree and natural? I'm really interested to learn.

Tune in tomorrow for a post on Southern food and bevies!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. your hair looks gorgeous in these pics! xo


  2. As the Northern lass in the land of Dixie Belles it's true that most of this is a bit out there for me. But I'm going to do my best to report on what I think is trendy here in my lil' ole home in the South! LOVE this and thank you for the inspiration - I will link up this afternoon! ox

  3. Pretty Little THings - Thank you sweetheart!

    Kelly - SO GLAD my bloggity friend is linking up. I personally think you have the best of both worlds! Can't wait to see your post!

  4. What is your favorite mascara Leslie? I still don't have a fave!

  5. Love this post! Will be linking up this week.

  6. I love my hair long with LOTS of volume. I also can't seem to stop putting on more and more coats of mascara!

    Loved this post, Leslie!

  7. I'm a tad bit jealous of your hair! I spend a lot of time trying to get mine to do those curls.

    And you're right on about the volume - you've GOT to have it!

  8. You should do a make up tutorial one day! Would love to see all you use and how you apply it all :)

  9. I absolutely ADORE your style!! I'm so glad I came across your blog. Looking forward to future posts!


    Ali B.

  10. I love the idea of this series (and, in fact, your blog as a whole)! I'm having so much fun reading all the links!!

  11. These are all spot on! Nothing like a good highlight, big poof, and long long eyelashes! And you look STUNNING in all your photos!

  12. Loving these themed posts. I'm from the U.K but love hearing all about the South. Thank you for sharing! :)

  13. Really love your blog! I'm currently an NYC dweller, but am a Midwestern girl at heart. You asked about beauty trends in different regions so I thought I'd share some that New Yorker's are sporting:

    1. Glowy skin - always has been important, but lately it seems everyone is trying to achieve this with tinted moisturizers, bronzers, and other glow-infused make up.

    2. Nail art - HUGE trend as of Spring 2012. People are mixing and matching colors, DIY-ing tribal prints, polka dots, stripes - anything you can think of, on their nails.

    3. A bold/bright lip (particularly red): One trend that is, in my mind, the epitome of NYC fashionistas is the bold and bright red lip. This trend has been here for a while and seems to get hotter and hotter as time goes on!

    Looking forward to reading more of your content!


  14. Love your blog! So cute :) and i just have to say that i was about to just throw on a hat annd gym clothes and start the day but this post motivated me to go take a shower and do my hair :) teased and curled...ready to roll!

  15. I absolutely love this post, and as a yankee gal I definitely plan on investing in some of these tips for a classic look. Your blog is adorable and these are great pointers.


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