Savoir-Faire Moment: {Rosebud + Outfit Pics}

Outfit for this post was generously gifted by sweet Tess, owner of Savoir-Faire.

‘Ello, beauties. I hope your debit card is good and rested because you're definitely going to be in the buying mood after this post. After you see the presh merchandise that Savoir-Faire has stocked for late summer, that little piece of plastic will most definitely be put to use.

This month for my Savoir-Faire moment, I chose a floral jacket with a femme, pink rosebud print. This jacket is definitely one of those “hello, I have just walked into the room and you need to take notice!” pieces.

For underneath the blazer, I chose a beautiful green tank with horizontal detailing along the bust.

Honestly, girls – when you purchase a great statement jacket, you need to be super mindful of what you put behind it, (i.e. cami, sweater, tunic, etc.) The blouse underneath is like a sturdy foundation for showcasing the jacket. Make sense?

The shorts? Well, y’all know how I love cut-offs. So when I saw this pair of raw-edged black shorts by Blank Denim, I was hooked. They’re extremely soft, like your favorite T-shirt, no lie.

Jewelry can be kept simple with this look. Let the jacket carry the outfit and focus only on a chic necklace or earrings if you desire some baubbling : )

What have we learned today?

Floral prints…tres' chic.

Black, cut-off shorts…tres' soft.

Savoir-Fairetres' magnifique.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. what a fun and playful jacket! xo


  2. I LOVE that jacket! It is definitely something I wouldn't normally buy but it looks great on you and you might have convinced me I could do it! :-)

  3. Oh my I am in love! Thank you for introducing this store to me!

  4. That jacket is the cutest! xo

  5. I burned a whole in my card just looking at this post. Can't wait to put it to use! And you looked gorgeous as always!

  6. You are too cute! I've been reading your blog forever, and thought it was about time I said Hi! :) I'm super jealous that store isn't in California!

  7. LOVING that jacket in the first photo! I also lvoe the floral, but it looks better on you than it would on me. I dont ever know what I'm doing with a larger patterned piece.

  8. Just perfect!! Thank you Leslie!! xx

  9. CUTE outfit...and I LOVE those leopard shorts on the mannequin!

  10. LOVE this outfit girlie! slash you look good in everything jealous! xoxo

  11. One of my favorite stores in Fayetteville!! Love all of it!!



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