Confessional Friday: {Link-up}


Hello, lov-ahs. Ready for some confessing? Let’s purge our innermost thoughts.

Unless you killed someone or are embezzling money.

Because A) that’s scary, and B) I don’t have time to be a witness in a trial.

1) I confess that I’m swinging by Savoir-Faire today to see Tess and her latest goodies and I’m SO excited. Be still my debit card!

2) I confess that I still have a massive crush on my husband. Like, the other night, he was chillin’ on the couch in his gym shorts wearing his baseball cap and my heart definitely went pitter-patter. (He used to play baseball and part of me would LOVE to see him in his uniform again…rawr!)

3) I confess that I purchased legit LipSmackers lip balm yesterday is Berry Peach. Like a ten-year-old girl, I am sportin’ my ‘Smackers today. Now to go grab some Pixy Stix…

4) I confess that I still love Maybelline's Falsies mascara. I’d say I’m officially married to it at this point, since I’ve been using it for six months now. Woah, commitment...woah. 

5) I confess that lately, I’ve been eating like a bear preparing for hibernation. I’ve just been craving ice cream and chocolate like crazy. And apparently, I have zero self-control.

6) I confess, (and I'm sure I'll be voted off the island for this one), I don't really think Channing Tatum is that hot. I mean, don't get me wrong, he's really cute, but I'm more of a Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling kinda girl. 

7) I confess that I'm incredibly intrigued with National Geographic's series The Hutterites, which gives a first-hand look at this strange and interesting colony in Montana. They're like a beer drinking, electricity-using version of the Amish. I know I'm weird, but I find this stuff fascinating.

P.S. Don't forget to link up on Monday for the start of "Celebrating Southern". Even if you aren't a citizen of the South, I'd love for you to play along. Learn more about it in this post and remember, the topic for Monday is "Hair and Make-up Trends in Your Region".

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I have to agree... I'm a Ryan Reynolds kinda girl! ;)

  2. 1. Favorite mascara as well!
    2. Totally agree with the men named Ryan.
    3. I wish I could participate in the link ups next week but I will be far away on vacation. hmmph... oh well!

    Have a great weekend, girl! :)

  3. I met a guy this week who looks like Ryan Reynolds. People call him Ryan even though his name is Andrew. He asked me out, I obviously said yes.


  4. AH I literally just discovered the Hutteries yesterday! Did you watch the marathon type shows yesterday??

    I am obsessed!! Love that I am not the only onw! xo

  5. Seriously, the Hutterites is so interesting! I totally was surfing the show's website while I was watching because I was so fascinated. :)

  6. I just saw the Hutterites this week, couldn't stop watching, couldn't stop wondering why?

  7. I totally need to check out Falsies then! Dying for a great mascara, as I have not found a keeper yet, so it's great to get a recommnedation from a friend!

    Thanks lovely!

  8. Totally, 100% with you in the whole Channing thing. I'm more about Ryan Reynolds. Channing is an attractive man but he seems so... I don't know, cookie cutter to me. And he reminds me of John Cena which will mean nothing to you unless you are familiar with WWE Wrestling ;)

    Happy Weekend I will be by to link up shortly!

  9. I'm an equal opportunist...I love me some Channing AND Ryan. Going to have to try this mascara. I've never been totally happy with one yet, so I'm off to buy some Falsies this weekend.

  10. The Ryans > Channing Tatum

    Couldn't agree more!

    Have you tried L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen mascara? I'm a total mascara junkie and I love it even more than I loved The Falsies! People ask me if my eyelashes are REAL. That's how good it is.

  11. Don't feel too bad. I've watched the Hutterites too! It's really fascinating.

  12. TOTALLY AGREE ABOUT CHANNING TATUM!!! I think I'm the ONLY person that does not want to see Magic Mike!! ha!

  13. Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds all the way!

  14. I'm with you about Channing. I've never really thought he was all that good looking. Ryan Reynolds is my man!

  15. i'm obsessed with falsies too! it's seriously the only mascara that works for me!

  16. I have to agree with you on Channing Tatum. They Ryan's you mentioned are both Canadian...so I love them too!

  17. I would marry the maybelline colossal! IT IS AMAZING. TRY IT and I promise you, I think you'll MARRY that one too! As for Lip Smackers, the 10 year old in us will never change!

    Stop by sometime!



  18. Haha love the Because A & B, too funny. Great confessions, I can compare on a few like the hubby crush, lip smackers balm, I think Channing is cute but his face has that Ken doll squared jaw and I don't like that, but Ryan Gosling...yes ma'am. Just started following your GFC. www.onecreativeprocrastinatinggal.blogspot.com


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