Cover Up

circa Vicki's Secret last year, I think

It's one of the most often forgotten summer pieces, yet a staple for beach-loving babes the world over. What is it?

The cover up, my dears.

I'll admit, it's about the last article of clothing I remember to purchase each year. Frankly, I just refuse to spend a ton of money on something that's going to be taken off the minute I get into the sun. But these cover ups are adorbs - and cheap to boot.

My favorite, this blouson romper cover-up by V.S. could almost be worn by itself, no? The floral is presh, too.

This little number by stylista Jessica Simpson is only $26. And almost as fabulous as J.Simps herself.

Miranda Kerr is sexy and she knows it in this striped cover-up by V.S.

All in favor of buying this beauty, say "I"! (I wish I could buy her pretty ombre highlights, too!)

I honestly think you could layer a cami underneath this cute sweater cover-up for a fall look. Double the wear, y'all.

Blogger fashion confession: Know what I've been opting for lately? Stephen's massive college t-shirts. Not so sexy, but mucho comfy. 

I need to upgrade in bad, bad way. I'm off to snatch up one of these cutie-pie cover-ups!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Love these picks Leslie! I'm kinda obsessed with the cover-up. I used to be boring and only wear ones from target, but my cover=up selection has expanded quite nicely. :)

    Lindsay @

  2. Ha! I just bought one from Target. It's not nearly as cute as these and I'm feeling a tad bit bummed out about that but it fits my needs especially considering I don't do the bikini thing all that often.

  3. Love them all!

  4. I love the striped one! I always go for a cover-up with shoulder coverage, and that one is so cute!

  5. I think that first romper is my favorite and yes, I probably would try and wear without a bathing suit underneath!


  6. I never buy cover ups either, but when I get to a pool or the beach and a girl just throws that on after hanging out at the beach I envy her and think why don't I just buy one already??!
    I like the first one and the blue one!

  7. It is a must for me during the pool or beach time!

    Enjoy the summer!!! :) (It is 0°C in Argentina!)



  8. Does the super toned bodies come with the cover-ups?? Hahaha! On a serious note, these are pretty amazing!
    Tell us which one you picked up, Leslie!

  9. I tried so hard to find a good cover up before our trip, but couldn't find any I loved ANYWHERE. I loved that blue one from VS, but it was sold out when I was looking. :( Oddly, I went to Marshalls the other day and they had TONS for cheap! You should try there or TJ Maxx! I wish I would have found that J.Simpson one.. love it!

  10. That striped VS onnnee! Beautiful! I would spring for one like that.


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