Everyone Needs Pants and Jackets

via J.Crew

Because wearing pants is important, I thought I'd show y'all some of the cutie-patootie britches I've seen lately.

And jackets.

Suiting is going to be mucho trendy this fall, thanks to the fab Rachel Zoe. This is super convenient for those of us who work in a more formal office setting and require something a little more "mature" than cut-out dresses and crop tops.

I don't usually wear dress slacks and jackets together, just because I feel like I'm wearing a pants suit. And frankly, pants suits are a little restrictive for someone who works in a creative industry. (Plus, they make me feel like Janet Reno.)

So here are some suit-like items that will skinnify any girl. And keep you from looking like a broke-down politician.

I have these and love them. And I think you will too. Buy them if you feel so inclined.


If these pants were a FB status, I'd double-like them. Found here

Isn't this blazer just the prettiest thing? Get it here
I'd take this one, too. 

Of course the shorts wouldn't fly in the office, but HONEST TO JOSH - have you seen something so perfectly red lately? Get it here.

Find 'em here, from ASOS. 

I'm a little obsessed with this green color. From blog sponsor The Rage.
Hi, Perfection called. It wants its jacket back. From sponsor Savoir-Faire.

And that, my pretties, is all I wrote.

About jackets and pants, that is.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Loving some of these suiting options! especially the cream with black trim blazer, it must be mine.

    Lindsay @

  2. Those blue ASOS ones! I'm really into that color blue lately. Also, that first picture is just about perfect.

  3. LOVE that peach blazer and the adorable leopard shorts/skirt/skort thingy in the last picture! And yea, ew, Janet Reno is not a good look, even for her.

  4. Are you still doing the friday confessional link ups?

  5. I am obsessed with those first 2 blazers!!! Gahhhh, I need!!


What'cha got?