A Very Blonde Holiday Gift Guide!

I have been bursting to share this with y'all for a few weeks now and I can finally spill the beans! I've been hard at work for some time creating a very special, Very Blonde Holiday Gift Guide!

In it, you'll find the most in-demand items from Blonde Ambition sponsors...and just in time to finish (or begin) your holiday shopping. Even better, there's a special portion at the back on which you can make your Christmas wish list! Just print it, fill in what YOU want to see under your tree and give it to all the "Santas" in your life.

These few pages were a bit smaller in the gift guide (oh, technology), so I wanted to ensure that everyone got a chance to see every detail in case you weren't able to zoom in : )

Please note:
One or two of the pages are smaller than the others. Simply click on them to zoom and see all the fun details!

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Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. THese are so fun!! I already see several things I want to use as gifts (for myself and others)!!

  2. Super cute booties. I might have to get them for myself.

  3. I love the corksicle--that is one of my favorite things to bring (along with wine) as a hostess gift!!! I also really like the brunette booties! Happy Thursday Leslie. oxo

  4. I am really wanting some faux fur vests for Christmas! Love the trend.



  5. You did an awesome job! I love it. Booties seem to be all the rage....I bought a pair of my own too!

  6. Absolutely adore the piko top and the leopard print tunic from The Rage. I already sent a link to my hubby!!


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