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Unless your guy is very vocal about his Christmas wish list, buying presents for him can be a bit daunting. Stephen would be just fine with a couple of 6-packs of Sam Adams and a new shop vac. ‘Tis the season to make your man feel special though, so here’s an idea:

Have y’all heard of 12 Days of Christmas? (Not the song, but the gifting movement.) My sister-in-law shared it with me, and I couldn't love it any more. Each day for 12 days, you give your man a different gift. Some can be big, some can be low cost fun items, but they’re all intended to spark his curiosity!

Day 1

A cozy yet stylish pullover, like this one by French Connection. Stephen has tons of button-down shirts and dress slacks due to his job in a corporate office, but he often lacks more casual options for the weekends. 

Day 2

A 6-pack of his favorite beer and a kitschy, fun bottle opener. If your man isn’t into brew, you could gift him with an array of specialty coffees and a unique mug featuring his alma mater.

For a worldly spin, try Allagash Curieux beer from Maine. Mmmmm! You can find the mustache bottle opener here.

Day 3

Monogrammed cufflinks. This is one of my FAVORITE things to give a suit-wearing guy. I love that it’s personal, has a vintage touch and – thanks to James Bond – is now more popular than ever.
These are from Etsy!
Day 4

Bottle of his favorite top-shelf liquor, wrapped in a luxe, merino wool scarf from Banana Republic. Just tie the scarf around the bottle, sit back and let his face light up.

Day 5

A biography or autobiography of someone he respects. Stephen loves Bill Clinton’s autobiography My Life, but there are so many wonderful biographies out there. 

Day 6

A sweet treat from a local bakery. This simple gift is the perfect way to satisfy his sweet tooth and make him a happy camper. Stephen loves the maple bars and long johns at Rick’s, a local bakery in Fayetteville.

Day 7

A plush pair of house slippers. Even my cattle farming daddy loves himself a high-end pair of lounge slippers. Nordstrom and Dillard’s have some fantastic upscale versions, but Target also has some budget-friendly options that still feel amazing. 
Day 8

Box of cigars and a personalized cigar clipper. This gift screams masculinity and class. Your man will love it.

Cutter found here.
Day 9

Personalized notecards for his desk. Stephen’s momma taught him well and he appreciates the art of the handwritten note. This gift is great for a budding businessman. 

Art of Manliness stationary from Shindig Paperie

Day 10

A toy that evokes nostalgia. From Ninja Turtles to board games like Mouse Trap or Battleship, try to find a retro toy that reminds him of his childhood.

Day 11

A beautiful necktie or bow tie. Stephen is a tie-aholic. Any kind, any style, any color…the man loves ties. And I love them on him : ) (The one below is from High Cotton.)

Day 12

Something personal. Whether it’s a belt made especially for him (by my friend Bobby, ahem – cough, cough), a pocket square with his monogram, a painting of his favorite football stadium by a local artist …the sky is the limit on this one. Just make sure it’s personal and specific to him.

How will you gift your man this season?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Hm, I love this idea!!! I want to do it this year :) I wonder if it could be done for under $50?!



  2. These are great ideas! My man is always the hardest person on my list to shop for, I think he would like all of these! Thanks for the ideas.



  3. Bottle of top shelf liquor is always a hit. I do it for my Father-in-law, my dad, my bro, my man.
    Those decanters in your first pic are great -- perfect for accompanying the whisky!

  4. Love all these ideas - I think I am going to do this!!! Thanks Leslie!!

  5. Where did you find that sweater in picture #1?!?! I love it! Can't seem to find it!
    Thanks :)

  6. One year I did this for my mom to thank her for being so amazing. I think perhaps I should jump on this bandwagon. I still have time right!?
    Such great ideas :)

  7. Kim Duke, a friend of mine has a boutique in Fort Smith, AR called Hazel's Haven and they carry that sweater. Look them up on FB!

  8. Yep. This list would work PERFECT for my hubby. In fact, I have already purchased most of it!

  9. I love all of these ideas! Your beer suggestion made me think of the Beer of the Month clubs that they offer too.

    I purchased the Pearl Jam Twenty book for my hubby as his wedding day gift and he loved it. Sometimes books to me are timeless. I wrote in the inside cover that I wanted to give him something he could always go back to and think of our special day. books for him are more timeless than cuff links or anything like that, but the links were my 2nd choice. (He had already purchased some that were handmade of his own for our special day, he beat me to the punch).

    Great, ideas girlie! ox

  10. LOVE this! Thank you, girl! Eric and I have a big year coming up for expenses, so we're going smaller this year.. likely just stockings for each other. Well..aside from the new doggie. :) But, I need to find fun stuff to fill his stocking. I've gotten a couple things, but I love some of the things you posted here!

  11. Really great ideas...guys are so tough to shop for. And mine has a birthday right around Thanksgiving so it's double the pressure!


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