Confessional Friday: {Link-up}

Confessional Friday: Cheaper than therapy, but just as effective.

Step right up ladies and gents ladies. Let’s let it all out. 
  • I confess that my husband couldn’t have done any better on this year’s birthday gift. A Keurig! I’ve wanted one forever, or at least two years. It’s perfect for us since we rarely drink an entire pot of coffee. 
  • I confess that it took me 30 minutes yesterday to break apart, de-seed and eat a pomegranate. I love that darn fruit so much, but wow – it’s a ton of work! If you have any tips on easier ways to eat these, please let me know.
  • I confess that I don’t know what I’d do without my SILSarah. We talk/text daily and I fully believe that just as much as God intended for me to marry Stephen, he intended for me to have Sarah as a best friend. I’m so grateful for such an amazing second family! 
  • I confess that (in case y’all didn’t notice in Tuesday’s outfit pics) we still have a pumpkin AND a Christmas wreath on our porch. This is not at ALL due to us being too lazy to throw the pumpkin away. Not at all. We completely intentionally kept it there as a segue from one holiday into another. (Riiiiiiiiight...)

  • I confess that I made Stephen watch Deliverance Wednesday night. He had never seen that awful movie and I feel it’s every Burt Reynolds fan’s duty to see it at least once. It’s a terrific movie for preventing you from ever floating down a river in the wilderness. (Just in case you were planning a little mountain getaway.) 
  • I confess that, although I wasn’t familiar with him, I am excited for the new U of A football coach to start! Bret Bielema, please help us get more W-s than L-s next season. This Razorback fan thinks you can do it! 
  • And for anyone that wants to talk smack about his noticeably younger wife, shush. Girlfriend is looking cute and she did a fantastic job calling the Hogs. Not an easy task to do in front of tons of TV cameras and critical fans. Mrs. Bielema – call me, we’ll shop. 
  • I confess that I cannot understand why lovely, classy women are now using the term “amazeballs”. It’s tacky, it’s gross and it’s a great way to tell the world you lack tact. If someone you know uses this mess on a daily basis, consider gifting them with a thesaurus this Christmas. Apparently, this contributor agrees with my sentiment.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I still had my pumpkins for a while too! It's okay, better things to do!

  2. I should have confessed that I ate my first pomegranate ever this week and it was so good!

    I'm with you on "amazeballs!"

  3. Ew.. hate "amazeballs". So gross sounding. I adore my Keurig. It's the best wedding gift we received! Too bad those darn K Cups are so expensive though!!!

    Happy Friday!



  4. Your hubs is such a sweetheart! You got a good one:) I can't believe you made him watch Deliverance. Such a creepy movie! I've only seen bits and pieces of it - enough to scare me off the idea of any nature adventures, that's for sure! With you on the 'amazeballs' - so unladylike. Who came up with that phrase in the first place? Sounds gross.

  5. I'm totally with you on the "amazeballs" thing. It's just weird. Glad to know someone else thinks it's weird for grown women to be using this word. :)

  6. New to your blog! :) What a great link up! I LOVE my Keurig too!


  7. The Keurig is my most favorite gift I got for my wedding. Well that and the cast iron skillet (every southern girl needs one, am I right?)

    Ugh... Deliverance is the scariest movie I've ever seen, in my entire life. If I had watched it before my first canoe trip, I would have never gone canoeing. I am thankful for that because I love kayaking and canoeing. But man, scariest movie ever. And you're right, any Burt fan MUST see it and feel uncomfortable but it's a must!

    I am totally guilty of typing amaze balls -but I don't think I've ever actually said it verbally to anyone. I blame television on that one girl.

  8. I hit send too quickly. The word that drives me nuts is this "swagger" I can't stand it. I also hate the over usage of "über" . That's my confession ;)

  9. We just threw out our pumpkins on Monday the 3rd, and my Christmas wreath has been up for at least a week and a half.

  10. Trader Joe's sells pomagranates de-seeded! Basically just a cup of pomagranate seeds with no preservatives. Always on my weekly shopping list!

  11. i SO agree with 'amazeballs'. Guilana Rancic started it!


  12. I have been wanting to try pomegranate but I am scared! On how to open them and how they will taste! Are they comparable to any other fruit?

  13. How did you open your Pom? If you do it underwater, like in a bowl full of water, it is pretty easy! My kids love them! They are also good dropped in little globs of melted dark chocolate!

  14. I still have a "Turkey Pumpkin" by the walk way and my christmas wreath on the front door. Turkey pumpkin is just so darn cute I don't have the heart to get rid of him yet. Maybe if it snows it will be time ;)
    Check out my Coach Poppy GIVEAWAY!

  15. I so agree with you, Leslie! "Amazeballs" is really tacky and gross.... how do we as a society accept these awful words as regular additions into our vocabulary?! Beats me...
    I love our Keurig too! It's great when everyone can choose their own drink.
    Have a lovely weekend, dear!

  16. I think you should add "totes perf" (totally perfect) to that list. It might be the #3 thing on my list that makes my blood boil.

  17. I missed the link up yesterday, but I'll keep an eye out for next time! We carved pumpkins this year and had to trash it precisely two days after we first unveiled it because the south's humidity and an open pumpkin equals lots of nasty mold. Gross. Love your confessions :)

  18. Have you tried the bowl of water Pom de seeding? Works great. YouTube it if you haven't.

  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=gvC0iIfTVPA

    Saw this and thought of you--how to easily de-seed a pomegranate!

  20. Cute outfit- you look pretty! Love that necklace :D


  21. don't know if y'all have a trader joe's near you but they sell pomegranate seeds. i just discovered them a few weeks ago and am obsessed!


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