OCJ Flash Sale - Exclusive!

Many of you that follow me on Instagram (@ablondeambition) know that I'm obsessed with OCJ Apparel denim. Recently, the amazing OCJ team sent me this beautiful pair of dark wash skinnies, which are perfect for boot-wearing weather!

Amazing suede/glitter booties from Maude Boutique!

I think what I love most about this particular style and wash, is that it hugs you in all the right places while giving you a nice, long leg line. And even better, they hold their shape like no other denim I've tried - pinky swear. I've worn and washed these several times already and they haven't faded or lost their shape at all.

Here is a link to the jeans I'm wearing in the "skinny" style. These are not the collegiate branded denim. Click here.

'Bama and Notre Dame fans better grab a pair of these for the BCS National Championship 1/7/13!

Because OCJ is incredibly generous, they are giving ALL OF YOU an exclusive discount code for 20% off your order today ONLY. Just use coupon code BLONDEAMBITION at checkout. Visit their website to order today!

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Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I've just made two online purchases within the last 3 days. I'm cut off! But didn't I say that last time? Those jeans look cute on you.

  2. I have two pairs of these jeans and they are worth every penny! They are the best and look great on you too!

  3. Which ones are they on the website?

  4. Hey Jackie - The non-collegiate branded jeans can be found here: http://www.ocjapparel.com/products-page/ocj-originals/



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