Savoir-Faire Moment: {Sweet November}

Last month's Savoir-Faire moment is one of my favorites. The plaid shirt, the mustard-colored pencil skirt…it’s enough to melt my southern heart. 

I saw a photo that Tess posted on Instagram of this exact outfit and knew I needed this to be on the blog. (Yes, I’m a shameless mannequin copy-cat. If this makes takes away my street cred as a fashion-ish blogger, so be it.)
1. Notice the stud detailing...oooh la la!

2. Notice how I cropped it up to make it a little more femme and figure flattering. DO Try this at home!
One of my favorite trends of this fall is plaid and flannel. It’s super warm and can be edged-out with spikes (as in this pic) or cozied-up with some leggings and smoking slippers. However you spin it, plaid flannel needs to be in your closet.

We recently watched Skyfall, the newest Bond movie and I noticed that Eve Moneypenny wore a very similar skirt that probably cost more than our house. Lucky for us, Savoir-Faire has a look-alike for a beyond-affordable price.

Why, yes! That is a Port-a-Potty in our subdivision! I thought, what could be better for a lovely fall photo shoot than a dadgum Port-a-Potty. Sheesh.

Package all that up (minus the potty), throw in some rare stick straight hair (I'm trying out a new look for a bit) and you have yourself one nifty outfit.

*Blouse and skirt were generously gifted by Savoir-Faire.


  1. love the skirt :) and also the booties!!

  2. love the outfit leslie. also love that you've got a Christmas wreath AND a pumpkin on your front porch... looks like my house! those dang fairytale pumpkins from the organic pumpkin patch were 'spensive and i still like looking at them!

  3. I love how the mustard skirt pulls out the mustard in the plaid shirt....spot on sister. Spot on!


  4. Haha Leah, I was going to type the same exact thing! SOOO funny! I just bought myself two flannel shirts that can be worn long sleeve or it has a button to make it 3/4 sleeve from Old Navy for $19 each! Such a deal, go snag it, tons of colors so I was excited to read this post cause like, I'm actually IN fashion for a change! LOL!

  5. Love it! I would never have thought to pair those together but it looks cute. I just got a plaid shirt last month. They were "in" when I in high school and it's back.

  6. Great outfit -- I *need* a plaid shirt (especially one with studs!)

  7. That necklace is soo cool, and you look great! Checkout my gift guide of the week: For the Co-workers! Follow if you like!

    A Pop of Style

  8. Fabulous outfit. Love the mustard and I'm mad for plaid.

  9. Adorable outfit,you look great.

    I would like to invite you to join my Christmas Giveaway

  10. Glad I wasn't the only one envious of Eve Moneypenny's wardrobe. I was literally gawking at her skirts & tops!


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