Underwear. Such a basic thing, right? I mean, if you're like me, you probably never give a second thought to your skivvies on a day-to-day basis. Because, well, they're underwear.

Imagine this, though. You're 16 years old and recently, have become homeless. You have very few belongings, most of which you're wearing at the time you hit the streets. Occasionally, you can visit the nearby shelters in search of dry socks or a new coat. But you'd never ask for one of the most basic essentials because of the humilitation it brings.

And that thing, folks, is underwear.

As silly as this sounds, it's true: underwear are one of the least often donated items at homeless shelters across the country. But it's also the most needed. It's something we take for granted, and it's something very easily forgotten when we make donations to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

Recently, I was contacted by Cameron Weldon of Bold Beneath, an underwear company based in Dallas, Texas. Bold Beneath started a campaign called Underwear that Multiplies, which helps homeless youth acquire their most needed/least donated item: underwear.

In their own words:

The Summary: a pair for you, double for homeless youth

BENEATH is a campaign that gives homeless youth vital necessities, helping them rise out of poverty. Namely, we give them very comfortable underwear each time you purchase the same pair. But its much more than a piece of clothing, it's a symbol.

On the underwear is printed a phrase that can change mindsets over time: "WHO YOU ARE BENEATH is all of who you are."

I'm helping Cameron and his teammates get the word out about this campaign. If you have a few mintues today - and a little extra cash - visit the Underwear That Multiplies page and purchase a pair for yourself. In turn, they'll donate two to homeless youth.

Take a sec, and watch this video for more info. (Sorry, I tried to embed it, but no dice.) I promise, it's worth the two mintues it takes to watch it.


  1. This is such a great cause and nice idea! Thanks for sharing. I love seeing bloggers use their powers for something like this.

  2. A much better cause than the new VS line of undies for pre-teen girls! Thank you for sharing this cause! (And, my husband said "no dice" last night; I had never heard that expression before, and now i've heard it twice!)

  3. I'm certainly a fan of this campaign, but right now I'm just as motivated by good people with a good word.

    I've always favored this quote for my life (probably because an old, grey-headed grandpa said it to me: for the rest of your life people will know you by what you do when you say you'll do something.

    A Blonde Ambition is certainly a personification of my favored quote. Thank you so much.

    I'm impressed with your site, your style, but most importantly, you.

  4. This is such a brilliant idea! I donate clothes to Goodwill and Thrift Stores. Will def. remember this when i take clothes from now on.

  5. As an avid underwear collector (35 pairs...yeah) I think this is an absolutely amazing thing! Thank you so much for spreading the awareness.

  6. Thanks for sharing this cause! I plan on looking into the company more and hopefully ordering a pair soon!


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