Savoir-Faire Moment: Thrill of the Chase(r)

I picked out this outfit in February at Savoir-Faire, and kept waiting for the perfect dreary day to snap some photos. (I dunno why I needed dreary weather…this just felt like something I’d wear on a rainy-ish day.) Unfortuntely, or rather fortunately, our February was downright beautiful. Not one cloud in the sky. So I waited…

March rolled around and again, lots of sunny weather. Totally not complaining though…

But Sunday, the clouds rolled in and I knew we had the perfect slightly overcast sky to capture the grunge of the Chaser Tee, ripped boyfriend denim and leather-sleeved army jacket. And beanie. Because I’m wearing my beanies until it’s 110 degrees outside. And then maybe I’ll still do it.

Let’s talk details. The Chaser Tee, featuring a vintage Monk illustration, is the softest thing I’ve ever worn. It’s like tiny little angel fairies knitted it out of feathers and baby giggles. And then those angel fairies said, “Let’s take this shirt one step further and leave out that awful, itchy tag. It’ll really blow their minds.” And they did. Chaser tees are tagless. And, hand to God, the most comfortable article of clothing I’ve ever worn or owned.

The Blank Denim Frayed Boyfriend jeans are perhaps the greatest thing since…I dunno, Lucky Charms. I was going to say sliced bread, but I don’t eat a lot of sandwiches. I DO eat a lot of cereal though. And just like our favorite marshmallowy breakfast cereal, these jeans are magically delicious.

The leather-sleeved army jacket? Well, it speaks for itself. Seriously. An army jacket is a glorious thing on its own, but add some leather sleeves and, as Phil would say, “Now you’re cooking with peanut oil.”

The shoes are mine. From ASOS. They are simple and not very exciting, but I’m okay with that. They do their job, which is to compliment the rest of the outfit, without being a scene-stealer. These shoes are like the Best Supporting Actors of the ensemble.

(Psssst...and a little birdie told me they come in orange, too!)

If we need to discuss the beanie, we can. But really, haven’t we beaten this undead and still trendy horse enough? Let’s just let the beanie be. Eventually, I’ll quit wearing them for outfit pics. 

Yeah, it's fair to say Blank Denim has definitely become my jean of choice. And have you seen the adorable Blank Denim Flavor Savor vest? Oh my word...so cute! 

Isn't Melissa just gorgeous? 

I'm also smitten with this adorable Check It Out blouse and the beautiful Rose Bloom Pants

And did y'all know that you can now purchase accessories and jewelry on SF's web store? Yup. True story. I die for this Peach Tiered Necklace and Teal Mosaic Bib. Gaw, so pretty. 


Alright, bunnies - I'm out! Don't forget to peruse Savoir-Faire's website this week to treat yourself to a spring goody or two.

P.S. - Had a couple of you girls ask about the shoes I wore in the S.F. fashion show. Naturally, Savoir-Faire : ) Each model was outfitted from head to toe (literally) in the store's merchandise. I *think* that right now they are only available in store, but keep checking the site, in case they do post them. 


  1. lovely blog! cute outfits
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  2. oh my gosh you are simply the cutest...right down to your love for cereal (like me!)

  3. I would definitely wear that outfit. I have been eyeing the Chaser tees for a while now... I might just have to purchase one. That army jacket is to die for. You were beautiful in the fashion show! I did a blog post on it, and I featured you. :)


  4. LOVE how that cut off denim jacket is paired! Super cute :)

  5. I love your style!!



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