Special Guest: Meet Christi!

Hey, ladies! So remember a few weeks ago when I told y'all that I wanted to connect with you guys on a deeper level this year? Well, I thought the best way to do this might be for you to meet some of my pals. The girls that I'm lucky to call my friends.

I've always thought that your friends are a direct reflection and representation of YOU.

I consider myself blessed to be able to have friends like sweet Christi and Gina! (And gracious, aren't they both just beautiful??!)

Without further adieu, meet Christi. You'll be seeing a lot of her this coming year, as she'll have a monthly column on here! To me, she's like a cocktail with one part Martha Stewart, two parts Jenna Lyons, with a splash of Emily Post.

You'll see.


Hello there! I'm Christi. Welcome to my little corner that sweet Leslie has graciously offered me as a monthly spot to share my random, but hopefully entertaining, musings. I am lucky enough to work beside Les and have grown close with her during the past year. Our easy rapport and witty banter created a quick and genuine friendship that I am so thankful for.

Let’s do this, shall we?

Here's a bit about me:

I have been married for three super fun years and live in the funky town of Fayetteville. My husband Mitchell and I have a sassy three-year-old pup named Benjamin who is a 5 1/2 pound Maltese. Most of the time he’s the sweetest little angel on the block.

In real life I work in the world of public relations, tell long {long} stories and a true believer that dogs are just angels in fur coats. Nothing makes my heart go pitter-patter like a JCrew sale. But in my dreams, my name is introduced after Matt Lauer’s each morning on the TODAY Show. In either world, I love nothing more than laughing with good friends over a nice bottle of red wine.

While I’m not fantasizing about my TODAY debut, you can find me biking, traveling, perusing our local farmers' market and eating. Lots and lots of baking and eating.

I have spent the greater part of my life sitting on the kitchen counter cooking and baking with my Grandmother Carolyn. Mitchell grew up doing the same with his Grandmothers. We tremendously enjoy spending time in our kitchen together, covered in flour and such while stepping over spilled ingredients. We are always looking forward to the next time we can host our friends and family.

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to read my post. I do hope you’ve enjoyed my introduction. Stay tuned for a sweet treat I’m whipping up for you and can’t wait to share next month.

In the meantime, follow my daily happenings on Instagram @christimjenkins

Cheers, my dears!



  1. Cute hat!


  2. I think I took a grad class with Mitchell a few years ago! I was in a health communication class, and he came over to our department to take the class. Excited to read more. Love the cute coverup in the pic!

  3. Love, love, love, Christi Mustacci Jenkins! Can't wait to see all the yummy stuff she shares!


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