Midweek Randomness

I love mid-week randomness. You love mid-week randomness. Your mom loves mid-week randomness, (oh yes, I went there.)

So let’s.

1. You know when you discover something amazing? Something too good to withhold from the rest of the world? Okay, so the rest of the world, (i.e. you girls), are probably already familiar with the genius that is This is Not that Blog. If you aren’t, I beg – nay, plead with you to get your cute fanny over there STAT and get to reading. Then come back and thank me. Because you will want to. Probably.
2. Can we talk about the season finale of Girls? First off, the scoop and hold at the end. In case you didn’t attend The School of Romantic Comedy Clichés like me, this is a scoop and hold:

 I was literally bouncing up and down with exuberance over Hannah and Adam reuniting. And folks use that word – literally – far too often. But really, I was literally bouncing up and down. I even spilled my Lucky Charms.

Secondly, the haircut. Oh, me.

All in all, I feel very satisfied with the end of the season. Granted, it was a tumultuous one. But isn’t life anyway sometimes? Someone stop me before I start waxing and waning all poetic over a dadgum HBO show.

3. How on earth will I cope with the crippling losses (some folks call them season finales) of Banshee and Girls? With the return of Game of Thrones on March 31, of course. Bring on the dragons and horse-mounted swordsmen.

4.     I’m really excited to wear my new dress from Riffraff that I purchased last week. I had high hopes of getting a fresh spray tan this week and wearing her on Thursday. Turns out, it’s supposed to sleet! Yes, sleet. Who cares that it was darn near 80 degrees last Friday? This is a new week and we live in Arkansas. And no, wearing tights with a dress like this just ain’t gonna fly.

5.     If you like shrimp (and we in the S household do), then you’ll love this recipe for Shrimp and Rice Casserole from Pearls,Handcuffs and Happy Hour. It’s full of flavor and man-approved. Because dudes can only eat so much salad and “chick food”. Or so my dude has told me.
And that, as they say, is that.


  1. There is nothing I hate more than some big romantic gesture, but I got all teary eyed when he was running to her (SHIRTLESS!!!) and stayed on FaceTime. Sooooooo sweet! And I can't talk about the haircut. it hurts my eyes.

  2. That recipe looks yummy!I think it may even be gluten free which means I can actually try it!

  3. that casserole looks DELISH! you say casserole in my house and the hubby gets excited!! happy wednesday friend


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