Lights. Camera. Fashion.

Greetings, bunnies. How did the weekend treat you all? Ours was fairly uneventful, and involved lots of sweat pant wearing and fast food. And in my book, that's a weekend well spent.

First order of business: Sweet Kirsten from Riffraff (one of the newest blog sponsors) is offering you girls 10% off on your online purchases! How awesome is that, right? I'm sure you saw the banner on the side bar, but in case you didn't, the code is blonde. Now go forth and do some spring shopping!

Next, remember that NWA Fashion Week starts tonight! Here's a little rundown on what's happening tonight:

Finally, I'd love to see what you girls are wearing to NWA Fashion Week throughout the next seven days, so if you plan on heading to the shows...

1. Snap a quick pic of yourself in your outfit, any night this week.
2. Upload to Instagram
3. Use the hashtag #NWABlonde

I'll be streaming photos of all you girls right here on the blog all week long. Be sure to type out a link to your blog in the caption space of your post, and I'll be sure to link to it when I post your pic on here.


  1. Those weekends are for sure the best kind of weekends. I only wish we had the NWA Fashion week near me. I may just pretend like I'm going and get dressed up for it. That counts right?! :) Have a great time.

  2. I may have to move to NWA just to join in all this fun and say cute words like "bunnies" and "y'all"!!! ;-)

  3. I sooooo should've dine this for London Fashion Week dharling!! Looking forward to seeing what NYC has to offer, excited xxxx

  4. I'm so excited for the shows!! It can never hurt to have a discount at RiffRaff... Especially considering how much I shop there. ;)

  5. I always love a good 10% off..time to do some hashtagging!! :)


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