Queen B, The Bachelor and Big Hair

Hopefully lots of fun things coming this week, but first, let's chat:

1) Remember that cool announcement I was going to tell you about? The powers that be have delayed it a bit, but I can tell you that it involves swapping brand new clothing with other stylish females. Saving you money, honey. And keeping your style in check.

2) Have any of y'all witnessed the beauty that is Beyonce's Life is But a Dream documentary. I cried at the end because it was so sweet and genuine and endearing. There's nothing I don't love about that woman.

3) My hair has exploded on my head. It's gotten even longer and seems to be getting thicker? Probably due to the humidity beginning to creep into NWA. I curled it today and walked out of my house looking like a broke down Tina Turner.

4) Did anyone watch The Bachelor's Women Tell All episode last night? A few observations: 1) I was over the moon that Tierra and her eyebrow came out to play. I was also glad to see that her crazy and her sparkle are still in tact despite a bit of a rocky ending to her stint on the show. 2) I believe that, although beautiful, AshLee might be a titch crazy. And, bless her heart, I wanted to gently remind her that everyone doesn't always walk home with a trophy. Or to quote that famous book, "He's just not that into you." 3) I believe Sean still has a crush on Desiree. And who could blame him?

5) My momma is coming to stay the week with me while Stephen travels for work and that excites me to no end. Have I mentioned how much I love her sweet self?

6) It came to my attention that we spring forward this coming weekend. Already?! I'd love to know the moron who thought that would be a swell idea.

What's rocking your world today, bunnies? Speak now or forever hold your random thoughts.


  1. Regarding the Bachelor WTA - I couldn't agree more. I LOVED AshLee at the beginning of the season and I hate to say she's a little nutty. However, her hair looked amazing. She definitely did ombre right!

    One person that I don't think they're giving enough credit to is Jackie. She looked beautiful last night. Her hair looked great darker and I'm pretty sure she's lost some weight.

    All around a great WTA...very excited about next Monday!

  2. 1. I still need to catch up on the Bachelor and watch the WTA episode! I still love Desiree!
    2. Seriously, this whole time change always messes me up. I'm never a fan!

  3. I really, really dislike the earlier time change...shouldn't happen until April in my opinion! Yuck! Losing an hour of sleep makes this bunny a non-happy camper!

    I bet Desiree is the next Bachelorette and if she's not, well, then she should be!

    I just had a fifth (yes, I know, seriously crazy right?!) interview with a company and praying I hear from them soon to blow this contract position I'm in out the door and be a real, full-time, direct-hire employee! Woot Woot

  4. Girl! I completely forgot about the time change! Yuck!

    I only caught a glimpse of the Bachelor GTA and it was CRAZY!!!

  5. Wouldn't it be awesome if we could "Fall Back" without ever having to "Spring forward"? Yes...I think so!

  6. that moron, would be benjamin franklin. i mean his electricity idea was on point but this time change mess, really ben? i think we could live without. lol

  7. I completely agree with all your bachelor comments. I too think Ashlee is crazy! I be Sean's not regretting sending her home!

  8. I adore Beyonce and think she is a great example of a working mom and just a wonderful human being. I tried getting tickets to her show a million times but failed =( The part that had me crying the most in her documentary was when she said she is blessed and lucky because of her grandmother's and mother's constant prayers. It reminded me of my amazing great aunt who constantly prayed for me. She passed the day after thanksgiving. I miss her terribly and know too that I am blessed and lucky because of her constant prayers for me.

  9. NOOO please don't mention the wrath of Southern Humidity yet girl!

    I'm so not prepared. I was supposed to be spending the winter figuring out products to help me with my natural texture. Instead I've been cheating nature and flat ironing and blowing straight like it's my job!

  10. I need to watch Beyonce's documentary.. I keep hearing it's awesome. And excited for the official super cool announcement! ;)


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