Belated Bumpdate: {21 Weeks}

Hey, y'all! Hope every one of you fancy faces enjoyed your weekends. I'm well on my way to 22 weeks now, but I wanted to jot this down anyway. 

Without further adieu...

Awesome bathroom photo at work...taken five minutes before posting. Dress from J.C. Penney here.

Weight Loss/Gain?  Up three pounds, (yep, mama did some eating this weekend), which puts the total pregnancy weight gain thus far at...drum roll please...four pounds. Nice to be feeling (and looking) like my old self again. 

Movement? LOTS! We have a very active girl on our hands - oh my! Heart rate is typically clocking in somewhere around 150 at our OB check-ups.

Cravings:  Definitely getting my appetite back and, most surprisingly, getting my craving for sweets back. In fact, I even whipped up Pioneer Woman's blackberry cobbler yesterday. Sweet mercy, that stuff is good. I'm still eating lots of steak, too - YUM. 

Favorite Moment this Week: Caroline's bedding arrived from Restoration Hardware on Friday and I was riddled with giddiness at seeing her little monogram for the first time.

Funniest Moment this Week: Having to put actual momentum into getting out of bed on Saturday - haha! The bump is growing more and more each day and it's becoming a tad more difficult to - let's say - tie my shoes and get off the couch. 

Sleeping: Sleep? What sleep? I think the good Lord is preparing me for Miss Caroline by making sure I get no sleep during this pregnancy : ) I've heard so many of my pregnant friends say that insomnia plagued them the entire time, too. Due to my middle o' the night TV-watching, I've got the low down on just about any infomercial-driven product on the market, though. So, if you want to know your money-back guarantee window on that Nordic Track incline walker you're considering, I'm your girl.

Clothes: Regular clothes for the win! I bought a couple of really cute new things from J.C. Penney yesterday from their Joe Fresh line and adored how they showcased the bumpity-bump in a non-matronly way.

The dress I'm wearing in the pic from today can be purchased here.
Joe Fresh Twist Back Top - here

Most looking forward to: Our tour of Labor and Delivery at the hospital I'll be having Caroline. My OB likes to do this around week 24-26, just to introduce his patients to the L&D nursing staff, answer questions and make sure that we feel comfortable well before her birth. And for this anxiety-prone, Type A, control freak - well, that's a good thing.

Some notables that I don't want to forget. Bear with me, I know is riveting stuff.
  • We think Caroline loves water and being on the boat just as much as her momma and daddy. When we are docked and the waves are gently rocking the boat, she goes CRAZY with movement. I freaking love it!
  • Stephen has been so amazing and supportive, going on very late night walks with me through the subdivision to help keep the lovely pregnancy bloat/swelling at bay. 
  • I find those weekly emails from The Bump alerting me to Caroline's current size a tad creepy. For example, "This week, your baby is the size of a Brazilian jicama root." (Okay, so that one probably doesn't exist, but the things they use as comparison tools seriously are that random. I always end up going to Wikipedia to research all this mysterious produce.)
  • Strange things are happening with my boobs. There. I said it. 


  1. You look great!!! :) I remember being up all the time in the night while I was pregnant. It was def. preparation for our little man! Although if you get lucky...Caroline will start sleeping early on. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Such a sweet bump! I loved when my little girl started getting active in there, I could poke back and forth with her for hours! Its such a special time.

  3. you look great! so glad you're getting your appetite back...hopefully the sickness will stay at bay for the remainder of your pg!
    i have horrible pregnancy insomnia. i have with all three girls. i'm talking i feel like i could drop dead during the day from being so tired, but at night.... i'm wide awake. i've caught up on every reality show and infomercial possible. and jeffrey loves waking up at 3am to hear the RHOOC screaming at each other. ;)
    i will say that i think (for me personally) newborn tired/no sleep is SO much easier than pregnancy tired/no sleep. they are two separate kinds of exhaustion, but for some reason, i find the baby stages of no sleep so much easier to handle than the pregnancy insomnia.

    and finally (since this is a book already) strange things happening.... well, girl get ready. so many "strange" things will happen to your body during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum, that they will become your new normal - ha! :)

  4. A nursery has to have a monogram!! I can't wait to decorate our "extra" bedroom someday. I'm so ready for a baby!


  5. You look so great! I'm 37 weeks right now and totally remember when I had my 1st little bump appear. I didn't look pregnant until a good 28 weeks, but it's still so fun watching your body change and knowing that it's because you're housing life inside you. Congrats to you and your husband and don't give up the cute fashion. I'm SO glad I never did... That bump will become your most precious accessory :)

  6. Your boob comment cracks me up! Ha! I love your dress and you look absolutely adorable! I am loving her little monogram. That is SO sweet.

  7. on a totally unrelated bump note- tim tebow is on the back cover of my newspaper today and he really does look like your S!!! SO weird! haha :)


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