Bumpdate: {23 Weeks}

First off, thank you all so much for your help and insight on the diaper bag dilemma! I knew I wasn't alone in not wanting to carry a bag emblazoned with farm animals and Hello Kitty ; )

And now I present, Week 23:

Weight Loss/Gain?  No change as of this morning from last week. Five pounds total so far!  

Ignore odd glare on my bump and face...we need a new camera : )
Cravings:  Still loving the occasional steak and potatoes meal. Still eating the heck out of fresh fruit and salads with my favorite homemade buttermilk dressing. And? Gummi Bears (only the Haribow brand.) Cannot get enough.

Favorite Moment this Week: ORDERING HER FURNITURE! I'm happy to report that Miss Caroline will be sleeping in style in her new crib from Pottery Barn and dresser w/ changing topper from Restoration Hardware. 
Sleigh Fixed Gate Crib from Pottery Barn - here

For her dresser, we are going with this one, the Sloane dresser and topper from Restoration Hardware.
Funniest Moment this Week:  Ruby was laying her little head on my bump Tuesday night and Caroline kicked so hard that she (Ruby) felt it. It startled her so badly that she jumped up and looked at me like, "What the heck are you packing in there, woman?" 

Sleeping: I haven't slept great this week, but that's because Stephen's been traveling for work. He was back last night and I slept much better just knowing he was there beside me. #sappywife

Clothes: Regular clothes still. Sweet (and beautiful expectant momma) Elaine told me about these drawstring shorts at Old Navy (non-maternity), so I went yesterday and scooped up a pair in a fun melon sherbet color. Flat-out love 'em. 

Women's Drawstring Linen Shorts in Melon Drama
Most looking forward to: Starting the assembly process of the nursery. Now that we have most of the big items ordered, it's time to decorate - woot! And, um, we are a mere 5 weeks away from the THIRD TRIMESTER. Holy home stretch, Batman!

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  1. you look so cute!

    ps - i love what you have hanging in your front door. where's it from?

  2. 1. you are so beautiful and most definitely glowing!!
    2. I'm dying over that furniture!!!
    3. Looooove this idea of CF topics!

    Happy almost weekend!!! :)

  3. congratulations again! such a cute little bump and adorable furniture for her room!

    xo Danai
    Life in My Fab Lane

  4. looking great! love the dress!

  5. You look fabulous! I love that maxi dress and the nursery ideas.



  6. You are the prettiest and sweetest pregnant lady I've seen! Also, I looked over some of your previous posts (I only found your blog within the last few months) and I want to thank you for your vibrant Christian testimony. It is a blessing. To God be the glory!

  7. So cute the little bump is starting to show! No time now and you'll be all belly!

  8. What a cute little baby bump! I always just carried an oversized Steve Madden bag vs. the diaper bag! And I also craved salads with buttermilk ranch dressing and gum balls! Like, the real gum ball machine gumballs. It was intense lol

  9. You are so beautiful! Love that monogram on your door.

    Sweet Caroline will be here before you know it. :)

  10. You are the cutest! Loving the door monogram! xx

  11. You look great! Love the shoes, where did you get them?

  12. That dresser and crib adorable!! Can't wait to see the rest of the nursery come together!

  13. You look gorgeous sweet girl! Seems like you are feeling much better - so glad:)

    And I love, love, love the idea of confessional Friday topics and am already typing up my list of "facts about me" for the link up tomorrow!

  14. Leslie where is your door Letter S from? I love it and would love to get one for our front door for all those months I don't have a wreath to hang on it!


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