Humidity-Proof Hair: {Vlog}

I had a couple folks ask after last week’s Ulta Super Blender Sponge Tutorial if I could do one on straight hair (or better yet, how the heck to achieve smooth locks during summer’s crazy humidity.)

As many of you know, I live in Arkansas and WOAH MOMMA…the humidity will straight up wilt a girl during the summer. We’re talking 80-90% humidity during the hotter parts of July and August. Fun stuff.

I thought it'd be fun (and less boring than a novella-sized blog post) to tell you girls what products work for me to achieve a smooth 'n straight hair do' that stays in tact, even in our terrarium-like climate .

Here are the products I mentioned in the vlog that keep my locks nice and tidy during the blazing summer months:

1. CHI Silk Infusion - here
2. CHI CA1084 Ceramic Hair Dryer - here
3. Redken Blonde Glam Shampoo - here
4. Kenra Color Maintenance Conditioner - here

5. Tigi Catwalk Series Work It Hairspray - here
6. Moroccanoil Treatment® - here

Link to the Remington Flat Iron - here

P.S.- That other Redken shampoo/conditioner I couldn't remember the name of (for non-blonde hair)? Yeah, it's called Extreme. And you can get it here

Click on the items below to purchase for yourself!


  1. needed this! Thank you!

  2. Love the Vlogs! Thank you!

    Are you still going to do your office cubicle reveal?

  3. GHD is an amazing flat iron for those who need it! A little upgrade from the Chi and well worth it! :)

  4. Which Remington is it? Thanks!

  5. great tips, thanks!! I use the Chi products as well - will have to try some of the others as well!

    xo Danai
    Life in My Fab Lane

  6. Thank you! I'm living in Houston and need this info! I've all but given up on smooth hair and opted for the pony tail. This has inspired me to give it a try!

  7. Hi Leslie!
    Would you mind providing a link to the mouse? I didn't see it on there...did I miss it??
    thanks, girl!

  8. I'm enjoying your video posts, too, and already feel like my make-up this week looks TONS better! Thank you. Can't wait to make some changes with my hair routine now. ;-) I've always loathed the Texas humidity, but now, I'm armed & ready. Can't wait to try the 'rub the hair spray can' on my hair trick. Btw, what color lipstick do you wear?

  9. I love the Redken Blonde Glam and Extreme products! Those are life savers in this Florida humidity. You walk outside and immediately start sweating. Have you tried the Blonde Glam color enhancer perfect platinum treatment? It's a deep conditioner for once a week treatments that removes all brassiness (if that's a word) and really helps the color. My hair girl told me about it and it's seriously been life changing. :) It looks like I just got my hair done after I use it. I love that whole line!

  10. Love, love, LOVE the vlog!! I want to see more posts like this. I, too, have thick, straight hair. I am a huge fan of Moroccan oil and Redken Extreme. I need a better flat iron, so I may check out the Remington. I am a sucker for awesome hairspray, so I can't wait to try Catwalk! Thanks for the tips. BTW, I'm Holly from Instagram who has the mini-daschund (auholly).

  11. Meant to add, since I live in Auburn, Alabama...the humidity is TERRIBLE.


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