Fab Etsy Finds (Like the Monogram Door Hanging!)

I buy a lot of stuff on Etsy. To me, it's the best place to go to A) support small businesses and artisans; and B) get neat things cheaply. Here are a few of my absolute favorite things I've purchased from Etsy recently.

Monogram Door Hanging from Southern Greeters

Featured in last week's 23 Week Bumpdate

Seen here on Southern Greeters' store page

Headbands for Caroline from Bebebands

2013-2014 Day Planner from Whitney English

I will say, this hasn't shipped yet (ships in July), so I haven't actually used it yet, but my co-worker has one and LOVES it. I've been eyeing hers for a while, so I know I'll adore it, too.

Self-Inking Address Stamp from Foryoo

What are some of your favorite Etsy stores and recent buys? I NEED to know this stuff ; )


P.S. - Stay tuned this week for a hair tutorial vlog (we're talking straight hair that will hold up in summer humidity!), as well as a MAJOR blog link-up announcement for mommas and mommas-to-be!! Whether you're expecting your first little one or if you're a veteran mom at this point, you won't want to miss the chance to glean advice and tips from your fellow bloggers, (AND give your own!)


  1. I love that monogram door hanger and the stamp! You go, lady!

    ETSY is where it's at!

  2. I've been looking for a stamp for a new home we are about to have! Etsy is the best, I bought majority of my wedding stuff there.

  3. I love that planner, supporting small businesses is the best! I have nothing but good things to say about my purchases from etsy!!


  4. Just today I was thinking about getting a stamp address label. Going to look into this one. Thanks!

  5. Oh you MUST check out Sassy and Southern on Etsy! (our Etsy shop wasn't working right the other day so you may just have to go to our blog-www.sassyandsouthern.com) for custom photo pendants and charms! You will DEF need one with Baby Caroline's newborn pic!!!!!!!!


  6. Definitely need one of those stamps!

  7. You know you can always head my way for all things baby! Bibs, burp cloths, bows, appliqué gowns with her name or even her monogram, wipe cases. I don't have an Etsy shop, but definitely a facebook page! Honey Pie Accessories

  8. I must have missed the Baby Girl announcement!! Congrats! And that stamp is AMAZING!

  9. I love Etsy! I buy most of my gifts I need to give from there! Or I will even give giftcards to Etsy!

  10. I adore Etsy and buy lots of awesome stuff there as well. Thanks so much for sharing these shops. I personally love and had a great experience with Treehouse Wood Designs. They custom made a wooden sign with my son's name for his nursery. You can see it here and there's a coupon code for 15% off if you're interested.

    Brittany @ Everyday Thoughts

  11. Edge of my seat waiting for this link-up announcement! :) I feel like I'm not in the "mom" circle of bloggers, but I'm also not really sure I want to go allll the way over to that side!


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