Random Things To Make Your Tuesday Better

Because we haven't just had a good random post lately, I present "Things To Make Your Tuesday Better". Or, as I like to call it, Pop Tarts now come in a Peanut Butter & Chocolate flavor.

Which is an excellent segue into our #1...

1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pop Tarts
These things are just plain good. They're super sweet, so eating just one is enough to send you into sugar shock, but Lord almighty - YUM. Caroline and I have been enjoying them very much.

2. North America on Discovery
Stephen and I DVR'd North America, a documentary series on Discovery Channel, a few weeks ago and have been catching up on episodes here and there. The camera work is absolutely phenomenal and, if you're an animal lover like me, you'll be beside yourself with giddiness at seeing the cute baby bears as they practice shimmying up trees. I highly recommend it.
3. Sam & Libby Kamila Sandal
Another day, another shoe obsession from the Sam & Libby for Target collection. I believe that, for a mere $25, I need these. Yes...need.

4. Katy Perry is on the cover of Vogue
I like this girl. Always have. And her interview in the July issue of Vogue makes me like her even more.

5. College football is in, like, 60-something days
I'm not sure whether to be excited, (because frankly, football is the best sport ever), or incredibly nervous following last year's horrific Razorback season, but the start of college football is right around the corner. Here's hoping this season won't be quite as painful to watch for us Hog fans. And if it is, we'll drown our sorrows in chili and hot dogs. And Pepcid.

6. AMC's The Killing
Have y'all seen The Killing on AMC? We started watching it a couple weeks ago from Season 1 and love it! Add it to your Netflix queue STAT!

7. We're one day closer to Friday
This one needs no explanation.

What's making your Tuesday better?


  1. LOVE the Discovery series, so awesome!

  2. Yes! PB and chocolate are my two favorite things put together! And I am ready for some football!!!

  3. Nine weeks until my Gamecocks open the college football season!!! I seriously can't wait...this basketball/hockey/baseball stuff is for the birds...bring on SEC football!

  4. No you didn't! You've told me about choco peanut butter poptarts (oh my goodness sounds so good) and a new TV show that I would probably love which I don't have time for since I'm already watching too many! : )

  5. I must admit I love me some Katy Perry too. My hubby and I have also really enjoyed North America. We're huge suckers for nature documentaries. I LOVE the amazing photography and especially the cool science infographics about storms and winds and whatnot... but there are some moments that it's gotten a little too over-the-top 'murica (you know like, http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/murica). The theme song makes me laugh every time... they are anthropomorphizing a bit suggesting North American animals "never give up." haha

  6. I love pop tarts, cinnamon sugar is my fave, but I might have to give these a try. Look delicious :)

    Love the sandals, and Katy Perry on Vogue. Yay for one day closer to the weekend!



  7. The chocolate peanut butter combination is one of my faves, so I will have to try those Pop Tarts! I didn't even know they existed.

  8. Those shoes from Target are adorable! You. do. NEED. those.

    BTW: Can't wait for Football season!

  9. The Walker's LOVE The Killing!! It is part of our Sunday night ritual. I love how it keeps us on our toes, because you never know what twists and turns will be on next week. Then, when The Killing is over, it is time to take cover for zombies!!

    Football season means "IT'S FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE!" Go Vols!


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