Bumpdate: {22 Weeks}

Two things:

1) I do apologize that every bloomin' post this week has pertained to pregnancy. I can only imagine how exciting it must be to read about my eating habits and swollen ankles.

2) Since I already took a pic for Monday's belated 21 Week post,, I thought it was a little useless to take another. {Please trust that in four days time, I look positively no different.} So, I'll just share another pic from a more front-on angle from that same bathroom photo session at my office.

Here’s what’s happening in Week 22:

Weight Loss/Gain?  I don’t go to the OB until tomorrow, but I think I’ve gained another half pound or so this week. My guess? Five (ish) pounds total so far. 

Cravings:  Steak, baby! Also, mashed potatoes – yum! I’ve also been eating my weight in fruit and delicious Arkansas tomatoes with a pinch of salt and cracked pepper. Oh, they are so good.

Favorite Moment this Week: Finding a home for our spare bed in the second guest room, which is becoming Caroline’s nursery. Why is this exciting? Because a crib is taking its place : )

Funniest Moment this Week:  Stephen always gives me a big hug and kiss when he comes in the door from work, since I usually get home before him. Yesterday, when we went in to kiss, my tummy got in the way and we had to sort of shift angles, ha!

Sleeping: This week has been a little rough, but Unisom (yes, as recommended by our doc) helped me catch some sleep last night and I feel less Zombie-like today.   

Clothes: Regular clothes, even pants! I was able to just size up in the waist for my Forever 21 skinnies that I love, (at two for $22), and they worked pretty well. I do plan to invest in some maternity shorts later in the pregnancy, though.

Most looking forward to: Being able to actually get in the lake and float weightlessly – ahhhhh. The water is a bit too cold for my liking right now, but with these 90 degree temps, it won’t be long before it’ll be perfect for swimming.


  1. Old Navy has drawstring shorts right now (they do have a button), but they're almost linen like. I went ahead and picked up a pair for post baby, but I imagine they'd work well throughout summer for you- maybe just buy one size up.

  2. I love the bump! Y'all are too cute with your angled kissing :)

  3. I love the pregnancy posts! You look adorable! And I'm always wanting steak and potatoes! haha

  4. maxi skirts and dresses have been my favorite thing through this pregnancy so far (i'll be 27 weeks tomorrow)... and also, yes... check for the linen shorts at old navy- i found some with an elastic waist that still fit, and probably will for a while- for $9! i also like their maternity shorts, when you decide to get some.


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