Bumpdate: {24 Weeks}

Good heavens, where has this summer gone?! If I'm not mistaken, we are already nearly into July - sheesh! This second trimester has flown by and we're soon coming up on the third. Crazy, crazy stuff that in just a little over three months, we'll be holding our BABY GIRL!

Excuse the outfit...nothing fancy this week! Just had S snap these after our walk last night : )
Weight Loss/Gain:  +6 lbs. total, so far. (It feels like I've gained a bowling ball though, especially when I have to roll over in bed, ha!)

Cravings:  Actually starting to crave sweets again, so I’ve been indulging in the new Chocolate Peanut Butter Pop Tarts, which I wrote about here. Mmm, baby, they're good! Also? Sweet tea. I’ve craved that pretty much throughout the pregnancy and now that it’s hot outside, even more so.

Favorite Moment this Week:  We also had a follow-up with the high-risk OB for Caroline (we still see him in addition to my regular OB due to my heart history) and got to watch her for a whole hour during the ultrasound yesterday. She danced, she twirled, she waved...it was amazing. Baby girl is thriving and measuring in at 1 lb. 8 oz. - right on track! 

Funniest Moment this Week:  Trying to get dressed for work on Monday and realizing that I may need to go shopping for pants soon – ha! I "popped" at around 23 weeks and went from, "What bump?", to, "Woah, bump!", seemingly overnight. 

Sleeping: Sleeping wonderfully this week, save for a nasty case of heartburn one night following...of all things...a milkshake. Weird.  

Clothes: Regular clothes, but I’m definitely going to be purchasing some maternity pants this upcoming week. I found some cute options on ASOS, so I’ll keep you posted in case any of you fellow moms-to-be are in the market for bump-accommodating pants, too.

Most looking forward to: 

Two things: 

1) Holding my sweet baby girl. A co-worker of mine had her little boy last week and it’s exciting to think that we’ll be having ours in just less than four months. It’s also a little surreal to think we’ll have a baby for all the holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas this year – crazy!

2) The cool front we're getting this weekend in Northwest Arkansas. Um, high of 71 on Sunday? Yes, please!


  1. You look SO great! :) Time is flying by!

  2. It's literally SO cute to see you in casual workout gear! You are looking adorable as I knew you would as a pregnant momma!!!

    Ugh... Poptarts knew what they were doing with that peanut butter filling. I've only tried the plain peanut butter but they taste like cookies straight from the oven! They are dangerous that's why I waited until my husband at all but one package of pastries before trying them. Now they aren't in the house and I won't be tempted. But you feed that little girl what she needs chocolate and peanut butter, ya hear? ;)

  3. Oh my gosh. You are so absolutely adorable. I could not be happier for you! I know you enjoyed that hour watching your baby girl!!

  4. You look incredible!!



  5. You look great, so tiny. Makes my 24week bump look like twins! Lol!

  6. You look so amazing! I'm 22 weeks and I feel like a whale, especially when I'm sleeping at night and have to roll onto my other side; hahaha.

    Those chocolate peanut butter pop tarts sound amazing; I'm going to have to pick up a box when I'm at the store next :)

  7. I love seeing you on instagram since I've been a little blog MIA, but girl..reading this is adorable! You are way too cute! and look so happy! Love it so much!

  8. You're so beautiful! I am just elated for you guys. I know I've said it before, but I can't get over how happy I am! It's like my friend is having a baby! :)

    Also... I got the WORST heartburn during both pregnancies after... WATER. So, so strange. My mom said it happened to her, too.

  9. You are super cute! I love this outfit and photo op!

  10. Just found your blog through a little blog hopping, and you have got to be the most precious pregnant person on the planet! So excited to read more! Newest follower through Bloglovin :)



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